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Denied: remand motion, and other bits and bobs (EC v DA)

11 Jan

Ellora's Cave sues Dear AuthorThis is really not much of an update, since it was pretty obvious to everyone that the motion EC filed to remand the case back to state court was baseless. (Courtney Milan is graciously hosting the document, dated January 6th 2015, here.)

Judge Adams examined one of Ellora’s Cave five arguments in one paragraph, and summarily dismissed the other four in another. Call me ignorant, but it does seem that such summary dismissal would clearly indicate how little a federal judge thought of the soundness and validity of the whole thing.

I’m probably just showing my deep ignorance of all things legal, however, considering how brief the document is, it struck me that the time frame was noted repeatedly. Meaning, Judge Adams remarked twice that both parties agreed to a continuance of the TRO within four days of the original filing and two days of Dear Author/Jane Litte retaining counsel.

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Thinking time – why I blog, why I review

3 Jan

Today is the third anniversary of Her Hands, My Hands.

(Lest some readers be confused, all posts predating January 3rd, 2012 come from elsewhere.¹)

At different times since 2008, when I first started reviewing, I have written my thoughts on what reviews mean and who they are written for. Like many other bloggers, I’ve struggled with whether or not to accept ARCs and commit to post reviews on specific dates.²

2014 was a very challenging year for book bloggers, and many of them have either closed their doors or quietly gone private. Their voices will be missed, but honestly, who can blame them?

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Open letter to Jane Litte (EC v DA)

6 Oct

Ellora's Cave sues Dear Author

Dear Jane,

By now you know just how important the work you do for the online reading romance community is.

We have shown it with blog posts, tweets, donations, and support.

Many of us are deeply outraged that you should incur any cost whatsoever due to what we believe is a vexatious lawsuit, the aim of which is not just to cause you stress and put you in a difficult financial position, but also to intimidate anyone else who has any knowledge that may prove the case you posit here, that Ellora’s Cave is indeed on shaky ground.

I am not the only one who admires your stance–you are putting forth the first $20,000 of the cost to defend yourself against this attempt by Ellora’s Cave to silence critic and intimidate authors, editors, cover artists, and anyone else who may have signed a contract with them for whatever work.

Through SBSarah, you have stated that, should the total cost of the suit be less than the amount raised $20,000 of your own money you are putting aside, you’ll see that the remainder all the funds raised are returned to the donors¹. Again, a most admirable, ethical stance to take.

But see, many of us don’t want that money back. We consider your standing up to someone seeking to silence free people to be something you are doing for all of us. For every blogger who doesn’t want to be afraid every time s/he speaks about a movie, a book, a restaurant, a hotel, a car service. For every author who wants to know more about the publishing house s/he’s considering submitting to. For every freelance cover artist or editor seeking to work with the same.

You are upholding our right to speak. You are standing up for all of us.

And it’s utterly unfair that, on top of the stress, you should also bear the brunt of the financial cost of doing so.

I am asking those who agree with me on this to comment below, to add your names, and to let Jane know that we see the bigger picture here.

Thank you.


¹ Corrected, sorry about that. Also, per SBSarah, “If the cost of the suit is less than the total amount raised, she’ll donate the remainder to the Society of Professional Journalists Legal Defense Fund”