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Christmas Angel, by Jo Beverley

19 Nov

Christmas Angel coverFor SLWendy’s TBR Challenge.

Okay, I admit it, this one is going to be a cheat.

Sort of.


Though I have at least three other Jo Beverley books in the TBR Mountain Range from Hell, I got this one just last week  because it was featured at Dear Author in one of the recent daily deals. Now, I’ve been hearing praise for Ms Beverley’s work for ages and decided to dive into this one, since it’s right there on my phone.

At that point, I wasn’t thinking about the TBR Challenge, but then Wendy reminded us that the review is due this week, and I panicked.


And this is the result.

Christmas Angel, by Jo Beverley

This is the third installment in The Company of Rogues series, though I found that it stands alone pretty well. There are some references to the previous stories, and a fairly brief explanation as to what the Company is/was for our male protagonist, but nothing overly intrusive.

Here’s the blurb (cribbed from Dear Author):
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