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The Boy Scouts could learn more than a little bit from the Girl Scouts

2 Jul

So we keep hearing how the Boy Scouts of America, in their infinite assholery, are so afraid of homosexuality that, while they may admit boys who identify as gay, they will not–I repeat, will not!–accept adult gay men within their leadership.

In other words: give us your money for twelve years, then fuck off, you (insert homosexual slur of choice here)!

The Girl Scouts of America? They will accept not only girls of all colors and religions, they also accept girls who identify as lesbians, and they welcome trans girls.

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Finally! Let the celebration (and the asshattery) begin!

26 Jun

After the truly horrible attacks on racial, and ethnic, and gender minorities in the United States of this past year, I am feeling so relieved and happy that the Supreme Court finally–finally!–ruled that the civil institution of marriage is a civil right, and that therefore, sexual orientation and gender identification have fuckall to do with it!

This is only a start, and it is sure to be challenged by all the assholes who honestly think that only they, privileged majority that they are, should have rights. (May they rot in everlasting hell, amen.)

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More casual misogyny in science

13 Jun

One of the meanings of misogyny is contempt for women.

Not too long ago, I posted something about the ingrained and often invisible misogyny found in science.

As I said in my reply to Lori’s comment over there, we cannot change what we don’t see.

The obvious sexist issue was that an reviewer at a scientific journal would see nothing wrong telling two female PhDs to find a male researcher to validate their study. The second obvious issue would be that nothing was done by the editor of said journal about the first issue, until there was backlash in social media. The invisible issue would be how said (male) editor apologized for the whole thing, by framing is as a ‘sensitive lady feelings’ thing.

That’s contempt.

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Oh, yes, indeed! “Welcome to being a woman in America!”

6 Jun

I don’t know who all writes for him, but they couldn’t be more on the money here: