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State of things chez aztec

3 Jul

Those of you who check this place regularly may have noticed that I have been…well, mostly absent, for the past few weeks.

Without going into detail, life is sucking out loud at the moment.

Among other things, I’m in the midst of the worst reading slump I remember–ever.

I have not read anything new since the last TBR Challenge book I reviewed, Boots & Bagdes, sometime mid-May. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I haven’t been able to read anything–at all–since mid-June.

For someone who usually reads four to five books a week, this has been hell.

In desperation, I looked up audiobooks.

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3 Dec

My brother and mother spent the last five and a half days here. Yes, that includes arriving here at one in the morning Thanksgiving day.

My stove is dead, in a way that requires a trip to the landfill and a new stove, so we made do with sandwiches and reheated soup (I think I’d have cried if I didn’t have a working microwave) and conversation. As is the norm for the past almost four years, I worked every single day they were here–yes, every day of the weekend after Thanksgiving. And after (or before, depending on my ever changing schedule), I trooped around with them all over creation, because my brother is a shopaholic who cannot visit the US without needing to visit every store within a hundred mile radius.

(Okay, seventy-five miles, but otherwise, not exaggerating much)

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