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Post-Roe, tears and a fight.

3 May

Yesterday evening Politico published a February-dated SCOTUS draft, authored by Alito (the far right asshole), overturning Roe, and basically announcing the intention of the six far right assholes on the highest court of the USA to go after marriage equality soon. That they’ll go after contraceptives too is a given (rapist frat bro Kavanaugh and Amy the handmaiden Comey Barrett have both said they consider contraceptives to *be* abortifacients)

So here we are.

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Finally! Let the celebration (and the asshattery) begin!

26 Jun

After the truly horrible attacks on racial, and ethnic, and gender minorities in the United States of this past year, I am feeling so relieved and happy that the Supreme Court finally–finally!–ruled that the civil institution of marriage is a civil right, and that therefore, sexual orientation and gender identification have fuckall to do with it!

This is only a start, and it is sure to be challenged by all the assholes who honestly think that only they, privileged majority that they are, should have rights. (May they rot in everlasting hell, amen.)

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The world didn’t end then–it should merrily go on now.

7 May

Remember Loving v Virginia?

Hint: less than fifty years ago, the law said that they couldn’t marry.

Mildred Jeter and Richard Loving - Bettmann/Corbin - New York Times

Mildred Jeter and Richard Loving – Bettmann/Corbin – New York Times (June 12, 1967)

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Loving and loving

22 Feb

Every time I watch clips of Mrs Loving talking about her struggles, I am impressed by her demeanor. By all accounts, she was a quiet person, not one to seek attention or make noise for the sake of it. That is probably why her words have such impact.

Loving for All, written by Mildred Loving and read by Phyllis Newman.

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