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I’m positive it’s not you–or, how far I’m screwed by technology

16 Sep

Aaaaaaaaannnndddddd… trying again.

I am not necessarily scared of technology, as much as I don’t understand a lot of it, and I’m not curious enough about what little I understand, to learn more.

This has…mixed to interesting results.

For example, my previous computer died about a year and a half ago.

Since them, I have made loads of cute little things that I should put up in my Etsy store–but I have yet to figure out how to install the camera software so I can transfer the images from the camera to the computer and so on and so forth.

I have two printers sitting there collecting dust because…yeah, still haven’t been motivated enough to figure out how to re-install them.

Same with the webcam.

But the latest techno-snafu is not–I repeat, NOT–of my making. (Or not making.)

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Oldie but absolute gold: the internet help desk

21 May

The only sad part: I’m the person calling.

Occasionally the stupid overcomes.

25 Jan

So I have been taking pictures of whatever projects I complete, as soon as I complete them, because past experience has shown me that otherwise I’ll forget.

The I sell them or give them away and that’s that, no evidence.

Which sucks in several different ways and degrees.

Recently I have been trying to download the images of a custom order from Etsy–the buyer is amazingly patient, by the way–and what did I do? (after a week of pulling my hair out, too)

I deleted ALL the images in the memory card.

Mittens, hats, two other scarves, a second (really nice too) pair of mittens. Gone.


Just shoot me, please.


(On the not-so-sad side, I can retake the pictures of the scarf in question. It’s just everybloodything else that’s gone)


A tale of a reading slump–and a SONY reader

7 Jul

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This and that…

28 Sep

Some of you may have noticed that there haven’t been too many reviews posted to the blog recently. Yeah, the reading mojo has been on vacation for a while now. Plus, tackling the 983 pages brick otherwise known as Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth has taken what little reading energy there was and stomped it into the ground.


(Okay, not really–I am enjoying the book, but those almost one thousand pages are intimidating)

(And I just learned that there’s an eight hour miniseries being filmed–sweet!)


My computer monitor is gasping its last breaths–which makes blog hoping and emailing and hey, everything computer-related, a headache-inducing venture. I’m now hunting for a (bargain, please) new monitor. Until then, I’ll probably be somewhat spotty around the internet (yeah, I know, I’d be missed like… well, like something you don’t notice is gone :wink: )


Speaking of the intratubes…

Jessica at Racy Romance Reviews (don’t you just love that blog name? I do) keeps coming up with these questions that make you think–even when you’d rather let your brain rot. Go forth and chime in: What Makes Someone a “Professional” Writer?


The whole “be professional” discussion in all its usual variations and reincarnations sparked yet another random tangential thought… what about those times when a person wants to be shallow? You know, just react, go with your gut–instead of being all rational and adult and stuff.

Like this: someone posts a comment that is valid and relevant to an ongoing discussion. Someone else accuses this person of trying to stir up shit. The first person responds and, lo and behold, shit ensues! Then someone else says, “but wait, that person’s first comment was actually relevant to the discussion, you are just reacting to the person and not the content of her comment, I cry foul on that!”

And you know what? It’s probably indeed lazy, but sometimes one just reacts to the name/person and not what they say, because experience has (painfully at times) taught one that even agreement with that person will result in shit stirring, so why postpone it and put more effort than necessary into it, you know?

What do you all think?




The image is of my demon cat, in energy saving mode.