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A few not-so-brief thoughts (EC v DA)

23 Oct


That happened.

And #notchilled basically exploded.

For any of my readers who are not aware, erotic romance/erotica publisher Ellora’s Cave filed a defamation suit against the blog Dear Author, and the blog’s founder and owner, Jane Litte aka Jen Frederick.

The basis for the lawsuit is the publication, back in September of 2014, of The Curious Case of Ellora’s Cave. If you have a few days to spare, there are a number of interesting posts written about the case in the intervening thirteen (ye gads!) months. You can find links to quite a few of those at the bottom of this post. (Please note that I have continued to add new links at the end, particularly to Courtney Milan’s and Deirdre Saoirse Moen’s posts explaining some of the legal stuff in layman terms.)

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Anti-SLAPP legislation

2 May

Some of us kibitzers in the vexatious defamation lawsuit that Ellora’s Cave filed against Dear Author and Jane Litte back in September 2014 have also been following along with recent developments involving Nevada’s anti-SLAPP Law and a bill that, should it pass, would not only kill that law, but negate many previous protections on lawful, protected speech.

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Freedom of expression and true courage

14 Jan

Many of you know that Marc Randazza is representing Jane Litte and Dear Author in the vexatious defamation lawsuit filed by Ellora’s Cave against them.

Many of you also know that Ken White over at Popehat has lauded Marc Randazza as a First Amendment badass–and backed up the assertion.

Until Mr Randazza became Jane Litte’s/Dear Author’s lawyer, I had not read much of his blog, or followed his twitter account. That changed, somewhat, in late September 2014, because I wanted to know more about the man behind the First Amendment badass label.

In the intervening months, I have disagreed with many of the things Marc Randazza has to say about feminism and rape culture, so I don’t read The Legal Satyricon all that often.

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Previously on EC v DA… (a couple of updates)

23 Oct

(not two hours after publication, updates ahoy!)

Ellora's Cave sues Dear AuthorSince I last posted about the vexatious defamation suit that Ellora’s Cave filed against Dear Author and Jane Litte, a number of things related to the case have happened.

(Some other significant shit has also happened, which has made me think a lot about what I’m doing here and elsewhere. I hope to be able to post something coherent about these thoughts in the next few days.)

Some of them are significant, some of them not so much, but all the same here you have some thoughts on the matter, with plenty of linkage.

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Not quite an update (EC v DA)

13 Oct

(edited to add links and stuff at the end–apologies)

In no particular order:Ellora's Cave sues Dear Author

Courtney Milan has a new blog post in the vein of #notchilled, wherein she discusses why, exactly, it makes absolutely not sense for a company that is having cash flow issues to sue anyone, but particularly not a) a lawyer, b) someone who is well-known and generally well-respected in their community, and c) someone who is both committed to stand their ground and who has the means–by themselves and/or with the support of said community–to do so.

You can get some schmo of a lawyer to file a barely competent complaint for very little money–my guess would be under $5,000. And this is not always a terrible tactic (in the economic sense; it can be morally bankrupt even if economically sensible), because most people don’t have the money to respond to a lawsuit and so they back down very easily.

Winning a lawsuit defended by competent counsel is a completely different affair. [1]

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Quoth the Popehat: Shut the hell up! (EC v DA)

4 Oct

Ellora's Cave sues Dear AuthorConstantly updated original list of links here, how to help Jane here, how to donate to the DA/JL legal defense fund here.

(edit at the end – holy shit!)

Some of my readers may know that I am a fan of Ken White of Popehat. How can I not love a man who is so passionate about free speech, and who takes pains to share his love with the world by writing witty and easily understood pieces on different First Amendment cases–to say nothing of firing up the powerful Popehat signal in order to find pro bono or low cost, yet good quality and professional, representation for those who cannot afford it?

So, I read his blog regularly, with interest and profound enjoyment. A type of post that never fails to make me wince, though, is the one advising anyone dealing with the cops, the feds, or anyone investigating you, to shut. the. fuck. up.

Given recent developments within the romance reading community (i.e., Ellora’s Cave suing Dear Author and Jane Litte for reporting stuff that’s on the public domain and posting commentary based on them), I’ve been very interested on what both parties are doing.

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Ellora’s Cave v Dear Author – another way to help

3 Oct

Ellora's Cave sues Dear AuthorUpdate at the bottom: alternative ways to contribute to Dear Author/Jane Litte’s defense. Also, still updating the humongous list of links.

When Jane Litte announced that she had been sued by Ellora’s Cave, many of us came out of the woodwork, offering to help her financially. For the past five days, nothing about a fund was said, until today.

After all, etaining First Amendment badass Marc Randazza ain’t cheap–it’s an excellent notion, but not cheap–and so her friends have prevailed.

The Dear Author/Jane Litte defense fund has been created by Sarah of the ever Smart Bitches through GoFundMe. From the fund’s front page (emphasis mine):
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