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Why some heroines may need the power of the wang

28 Jan

Okay, long title for what probably be a rather short post and make little to no sense, but…whatever.

See, I’m still pondering the comments to the ménage books on sale, over at Dear Author, particularly the question of realistic triad relationships, as well as past conversations there on slut shaming. One of the things that strike me is the disdain with which many treat the power of the wang.

Let me explain…no, too long, let me sum it up:

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Colters’ Woman, by Maya Banks

24 Apr

Colters’ Woman, by Maya Banks

So it has taken me years but I finally got around to grabbing a copy of this earlier title of Ms Banks’ (the version in my hands is the extended version, published in 2010—the original publication date is October 2006).

Before the review—or indeed, the blurb—a warning: this is an erotic novel, with very graphic sex scenes. Not only that, but it involves a ménage à quatre. If you are a minor or have problems with sex and unconventional relationships, do everyone a favor and read no further.

So, on to the review.

This is one of those novels that baffle me—or rather, it’s my reaction to them that baffles me. I enjoy reading them and fairly inhale them, yet simultaneously I latch onto things that, were it a different book, could conceivably be deal breakers. I tend to think that it is a matter of author voice *waving to SLWendy* because I can’t find any other explanation.

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Sweet Surrender, by Maya Banks

4 Jun

Sweet Surrender, by Maya Banks

Published by Berkley HEAT, Sweet Surrender is the first in a loosely connected series of erotic contemporary romances set in Houston. This novel, at its core, follows Faith Malone’s path of self-discovery. She is considered by everyone who knows her to be a sweet and feminine girl (nevermind that she’s twenty three or so *ahem*). As such, so far all of her romantic relationships have left her vaguely dissatisfied and wondering whether something is wrong with her.

Before going further, reader beware: this novel contains graphic language, explicit sexual scenes and what some may term objectionable sexual practices.

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The Tycoon’s Rebel Bride, by Maya Banks

28 May

The Tycoon’s Rebel Bride, by Maya Banks

The second in Ms Banks’ Anetakis Tycoons trilogy, The Tycoon’s Rebel Bride follows the second Anetakis brother, Theron, and Isabella Caplan, erstwhile ward of his elder brother Chrysander. This novel is a good example of how clichés can be used effectively to tell a story.

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Be With Me, by Maya Banks

17 Jan

Be With Me, by Maya Banks

This is only the third of Ms Banks’ tittles that I’ve read, but will by no means be the last. Published by Berkley Heat and labeled as an erotic romance, Be With Me focuses much more on the relationship than it does on the sex. Of course, the fact that it’s a ménage à quatre is probably reason enough for most people to consider it more erotica than romance.

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The Tycoon’s Pregnant Mistress, by Maya Banks

8 Jan

The Tycoon’s Pregnant Mistress, by Maya Banks

The first in Ms Banks’ The Anetakis Tycoons trilogy, this is also her debut title with Silhouette Desire. Having read some erotic romance by Ms Banks before, I was very keen in reading her category work and seeing how her voice adapted—or transformed, if you will—to the constraints of category lines. I am very happy I had the opportunity to read this novel, as I enjoyed Ms Banks’ writing even though some of my less favorite plot devices made an appearance.

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Love Me Still, by Maya Banks

20 Nov

Love Me Still, by Maya Banks

A novella-length paranormal published in December 2007 by Samhain in the Perfect Gift anthology, Love Me Still is my first exposure to Ms Banks’ writing (even though I do have one of her novels published as Sharon Long in the TBR mountain range—must find and read asap).

This story could be considered inappropriate for minors because the premise involves a formal marriage/mating/relationship between two brothers and their wife, but there is neither language nor graphic sex in it. It is a brief and moving look at the complexities and resilience of relationships.

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