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What’s up with this?

2 Jun

This being a blog read by virtually no one, I had gotten zero spam. Then came the spike in views from the people following the Kristi Diehm, plagiarist dêbacle¹–and now I get tons of spam comments.

The truly funny thing–to me, at least–is that 99.9% of it lands in my review of Cheryl St. John’s Heaven Can Wait.


On and…does anyone else find it hilarious that there is a copyright notice at the bottom of the plagiarist’s site?

~ ~ * ~ ~

¹ Anyone who happens to wonder what I mean, here they are in alphabetical chronological order:

Why does anyone care… (about apologies)

Oh no, she didn’t! (sadly, she did) (chutzpah and lies, she has ’em)

Long ago, in a galaxy…wait a minute–it is now and just next door (about what we should do when facing chutzpah and lies)

No, plagiarism doesn’t just “happen” (and the lies, they keep coming)

So. On that plagiarism, apology, forgiveness thing? I’m more of a cynic than I thought (sadly proven right by events)

What have I done?

10 Jan

So I’ve officially gone insane(r).

Not only did I cave in and start my own blog (seriously, what was I thinking?*) but now I’ve gone and officially declared my participation in a few reader challenges.

Yeah, in all my copious free time… Continue reading

And the unthinkable happened (aka: about this place)

3 Jan

For the longest time I have shied away from even thinking about having my own blog. I believe I made statements similar to, “Over my dead body!” on the topic.

Obviously, as I’m typing, I’m not dead–and so the unthinkable did happen.

This blog, as I start it, is mostly meant as a catch all for things that interest me.

There will be posts for knitting or crafting projects–not only things I make for my Etsy store but items sold directly via word of mouth, email requests, etc. Perhaps, if I ever become confident and proficient enough with camera and software (and conceited enough about what I make), there could be tutorials for crafty things.

And of course, opinion pieces and ponderings and ramblings on everything and anything that catches my eye.

* * *

For my book reviews, my main source is Karen Scott’s blog–many of those reviews were cross-posted to a couple other places shorty after their original publication, but again, her blog would be the original source. I will note, in my book reviews page, those occasions where the review was posted elsewhere first.

Her Hands, My Hands revisited

22 Nov
(Originally posted at Karen’s blog)

You guys may remember that a while back I shared a lovely, lovely essay written by my daughter a couple of years ago.

Well, it so happens that I’ve just opened an Etsy store with the same name, Her Hands, My Hands.

banner part nine

In it I sell quality, handcrafted knitwear, and  I will be stocking the other sections of the store (virtually) with handmade bookmarks, embroidered placemats and napkins, etc., in the next few days.

As the holiday season is upon us, if you are looking for a unique, affordable gift for that special someone–or for yourself, for that matter–you may just find that perfect item right there. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, contact me about custom orders.