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Flesh, by Kylie Scott

9 Feb

FleshLast week I was looking up a few of my favorite people on Twitter,¹ flitting from one to the next they way you (I) do, when I fell down the rabbit hole after one of them, and found the SFR Galaxy Awards blog.

Going down the list of books mentioned, I found several that push my oh, that sounds gooood buttons. Of course, the clickity one-clicking began.

In this particular case, the judge said something to the effect that the author does a good job writing characters who would not only consider, but make a go, of a relationship they would never had imagined…until their world pretty much ended

Since well-written mènages are one of my favorite tropes, I started on Flesh pretty much on the spot, and I’m very happy to say that it did not disappoint. Now you, poor innocent readers, get to see what I think.

Oh, in case this wasn’t clear already: this is an erotic romance, with pretty graphic sex and some strong language. Read at your own risk.

Flesh, by Kylie Scott

I don’t know whether Ms Scott has written anything else under a pseudonym, but her Fantastic Fiction page lists Flesh as her debut. If so, my hat is off to her. I do have a couple of minor quibbles with plot and world building, but they are truly minor. The writing and characterizations are very good indeed.

The story is set in Australia, after some sort of virus has spread over the land. Those infected become, for all effects and purposes, zombies. They mostly hide during the heat of the day, but come out to hunt and scavenge at night, or when something makes a loud enough noise. One bite is enough to transmit the infection, so surviving an encounter is no guarantee of, well, survival.

While at first the police and the military made an effort at containment, they were quickly overrun, and now those who have survived the apocalypse find themselves alone in a world hostile beyond their direst imaginings.

The blurb, from the author’s website:
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Captivated, by Lauren Dane

28 Jan

CaptivatedLauren Dane is probably best known for her erotic and contemporary romances, but my favorite series by her is actually futuristic erotic romance–the Federation books. Sadly, there are currently only five of them out at present, but hope does spring…

Captivated, by Lauren Dane

This is the fifth Federation book, and the third about the Phantom Corps, this universe’s version of special forces. I’ve reviewed the first two books of the series, Undercover and Relentless. Like the first, this one is also a menage story.

The usual warning: erotic romance, graphic language, graphic sex.

This is back cover blurb from my print copy:
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Why some heroines may need the power of the wang

28 Jan

Okay, long title for what probably be a rather short post and make little to no sense, but…whatever.

See, I’m still pondering the comments to the ménage books on sale, over at Dear Author, particularly the question of realistic triad relationships, as well as past conversations there on slut shaming. One of the things that strike me is the disdain with which many treat the power of the wang.

Let me explain…no, too long, let me sum it up:

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Very Much Alive, by Dana Marie Bell

19 Mar

Very Much Alive, by Dana Marie Bell

The first title in Ms Bell’s True Destiny series, Very Much Alive definitely caught me and didn’t let me go. At some 220 pages, this erotic re-imagining of the Norse myth of Loki and Baldur managed to pull this reader in despite my best intentions to go to sleep early. Three hours later…here we are. And now I really want to know what happens to the rest of the cast of characters…

Please be aware that this novel is an erotic romance involving a ménage à trois, so if anything off the accepted norm of relationships between consenting adults bothers you, it’s probably better if you avoid both this review and the novel. As the publisher says, Warning: This book contains explicit sex, graphic language, some violence, and hot male/male/female action. In fact, it could be considered a religious experience. (I love Samhain‘s warnings, oh do I ever!) Continue reading

Undercover, by Lauren Dane

2 Dec

Undercover, by Lauren Dane

This erotic futuristic romance is Ms Dane’s print debut, but the fact that she’s been writing for years is evident in the quality of her craft. I was privileged to get an ARC of Undercover, which made me really happy as a well written ménage à trois is one I enjoy very much (particularly in the M/f/M incarnation, as is this one).

With that said, the usual warning: this novel is not meant for minors; any adults who object to any sort of relationship deviating from the typical one man, one woman would not enjoy either the novel nor my review; there is graphic sex, some BDSM, and what could be considered offensive language. Continue reading

Love Me Still, by Maya Banks

20 Nov

Love Me Still, by Maya Banks

A novella-length paranormal published in December 2007 by Samhain in the Perfect Gift anthology, Love Me Still is my first exposure to Ms Banks’ writing (even though I do have one of her novels published as Sharon Long in the TBR mountain range—must find and read asap).

This story could be considered inappropriate for minors because the premise involves a formal marriage/mating/relationship between two brothers and their wife, but there is neither language nor graphic sex in it. It is a brief and moving look at the complexities and resilience of relationships.

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Claiming Their Mate, by Paige McKellan

30 Oct

(Two Feral attraction stories, released April 15th 2008 by Samhain)

Before starting, I have to apologize profusely to the amazing Angela James and the authors for it taking me six and a half months to get around to reading and reviewing these, since I got them at a giveaway hosted by the wonderful ladies at WriteMinded. I suck, and not in a good way. Sowwy. (Two down, four to go.)

Claiming Their Mate, by Paige McKellan

A paranormal romance in Samhain’s Red Hot line, the novella Claiming Their Mate is my first story by Ms McKellan.

My usual warning for minors and for people who have trouble with explicit sex and language: you are better off not reading either the review or the novella.

Or, in the publisher’s words: Contains explicit sex, graphic language, stubborn men, an independent woman and red hot romance.

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