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The Matrimonial Advertisement, by Mimi Matthews

7 Feb
Cover for The Matrimonial Advertisement; on a grey brocade wallpaper, an oval frame of the same color. The painting shows a woman's upper back and head, hair in a complex bun, looking out at a background of mountains and sea.

My second book by Ms Matthews, and the first in a four book series, the Parish Orphans of Devon; this is another Victorian era-set romance with some kisses, lovely sexual tension, and great writing.

However, reader beware: there are some description of the abuse-cum-torture, inflicted on people in private ‘mental asylums’, during the Victorian era in Britain; and some description of the torture of a white man by Indian sepuys during the Indian rebellion of 1857.

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“A Holiday by Gaslight”, by Mimi Mathews

2 Feb
Cover for "A Holiday by Gaslight", showing a white woman in half profile, dark hair in an updo, wearing a long, full-skirted gown with long, not too-lose sleeves and a slightly loose neckline, walking on snow.

Last year, the most lovely Olivia Dade tweeted about this novella, when it was free for the very first time, saying, “This was my first Mimi Matthews book, and after reading it, I went on to buy pretty much her entire backlist, if that tells you something?”. So, of course, I grabbed it on the spot.

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