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Miniature books (handsewn, of course)

19 Aug
Close up of a miniature book, about 1in(just over 2cm) tall, open to show the blank pages with gold edges, and the magnetic closure. The cover is a black material that's  about 1mm (1/25th in) thick and flexible. It has jump rings on the top of the spine, to wear as a charm. There's another finished miniature book in the background, closed, and also some signatures for another book.

I have been hit with manic crafting energy for a couple of weeks, jumping from one thing to another. Last week I made over a dozen miniature books in a couple of days, until I got all the kinks worked out of the process.

(This is an image-heavy post, so feel free to skip it.)

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Scattered making

25 Jul

Because the world is still on fire, while the people in charge pretend not to notice how well aimed the flames are (they are not, after all, first in line to burn), I continue to struggle to read. Making things, on the other hand, is happening.

I hope to write a post for each of these things once I finish them, but in the meantime, a few teasers:

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Audra’s Guitar and Case

29 Sep

Back in March, and drunk with my success making Tony’s guitar, I made a second one for another friend. This time, I made a wooden case.

(Yes, this is another image-heavy post)

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Willa’s Reading Corner

2 Apr
Head on shot of the open book/Altoids tin, showing a diorama of a tiny library with reading chair, fireplace, table, window, and bookcases full of books.
Here it is!

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was making a tiny tiny library, and I teased later that I would share something I had made for a friend once she received it. She has1, and here we are.

Be warned that this post will be image-heavy.

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