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Snowball in Hell, by Josh Lanyon

31 Dec

Cover Snobwall in Hell

(Please see footnote – September 21, 2015)

A long time ago, when I was just starting to review, Lisabea (before she was L B Gregg) had a little giveaway at her blog. As luck would have it, I was the winner. This was the result.

I have since read more than a few m/m romances, though a quick look shows I’ve only reviewed a handful of them. I must remedy this, because there are some really good authors writing it.

Snowball in Hell, by Josh Lanyon

This book was originally released by the now-defunct Aspen Mountain Press in 2007 and re-released by Carina Press (my copy has a 2011 copyright notice). I do not know whether this is a revised version or not, but I know I really, really like it, and I want to talk with some detail about all the things I like about it. Therefore…

Reader beware: there be spoilers within!

Here’s the blurb:
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“Happy Ending” by L. B. Gregg

4 Aug

“Happy Ending”, by L. B. Gregg


This charming love story is Ms Gregg’s second published work. Another m/m tale, “Happy Ending” is set in her Men of Springfield universe, with both stories loosely connected in setting and by the appearance as a secondary character of one of the protagonists of the first book, “Gobsmacked” (review here).

Before going further, I must add the following warning: minors and people who object to strong language and sexual content should avoid “Happy Ending”. Oh, and this story is considered erotica because of some graphic sexual scenes.

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“Gobsmacked” by L. B. Gregg

11 Apr

“Gobsmacked”, by L.B. Gregg

Disregarding the title (because it takes a bit to warm to it, I confess) “Gobsmacked”, L.B. Gregg’s debut story, is 125 pages of awesome. Can I get away with saying that and nothing more?



Okay, then, let me write something a bit more review-like. First, the usual warnings: this is an adult story, so minors should steer clear of it and my review. Further, it is an m/m (or homosexual) erotic romance, which means that adults who have issues with homosexuality in general and/or graphic language should probably avoid this as well.

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Lord and Master, by Jules Jones

6 Jan

Lord and Master, by Jules Jones

Back in July, I read and enjoyed Ms Jones’ short story “Black Leather Rose” and ever since have had a hankering for more of her writing. Very kindly, she sent me review copies of both Lord and Master and its sequel, Lord and Master 2, and even though it’s been a few months (me, ssssllllloooooowwwwww) she’s been extremely patient with me. A few days ago I was finally able to sink into Lord and Master and oh man! what a treat it was!

Published by Loose Id as an erotic romance, it has the following publisher’s note: “Lord and Master is a homoerotic love story. As such it depicts sexual content that may be objectionable to some readers: male/male sexual practices.” It also has explicit language and is pure contemporary romance (which should delight the peeps at Smart Bitches and Dear Author *said innocently*).

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