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Maid in Manhattan (2002) (sort of a movie review)

18 Apr
Movie poster for Maid In Manhattan, with Jennifer López dressed as a maid in the foreground, and a larger image in the background, with her dressed as a socialité, being embraced by Ralph Fiennes, and the New York City skyline.

MAID IN MANHATTAN, a Cinderella-with-a-twist romantic comedy, was the April selection for #RomancelandiaMovieNight; originally released in 2002, I had vague, fond-ish memories of this movie, which, alas, were not really warranted.

Reader, beware: the movie is tropetastic. The hero is a Republican politician, and there’s just enough oily smarm in those bits to be off-putting. I believe there’s also a couple of instances of cursing (I curse more in the review itself), but that’s it–there isn’t even any nudity.

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Something New (2006) (sort of a movie review)

18 Mar
Poster for Something New (2006); Sanaa Lathan and Simon Baker in profile at the top and bottom of the poster, with her looking sideways to the viewer. The rest of the cast appears as screencaptures from the movie, in a line in the middle of the poster.

SOMETHING NEW was the March selection for #RomancelandiaMovieNight, and I’m very glad I chose it. This is very much a heroine-centric genre romance that touches on some difficult questions about race, racism, and parental and social expectations.

Please note that the sexytimes, while not full nudity, are quite enough to steam your glasses–the leads have chemistry to burn. And, well. They do.

Warning: there’s one burka joke, which. Really? Also, if you have spiders/spiderwebs issues, there’s one short scene (less than a minute–21min to 22 min marks), you may want to skip.

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Sylvie’s Love (2020) (sort of a movie review)

23 Feb
Movie poster or SYLVIE'S LOVE, showing Tessa Thompson and Nnamdi Asomugha, in 1960s period clothing/hair.

I watched SYLVIE’S LOVE as the second installment for #RomancelandiaMovieNight, and it really is a perfect fit for genre romance. willaful said, “it’s a Harlequin Presents in movie form”, and really, she ain’t wrong; all the beats of a category romance with luscious music and some amazing acting from pretty much everyone involved.

I think it’s very much worth noting that this movie was made as an independent movie before Amazon acquired distribution rights, from an original screenplay by the director, Eugene Ashe.

Warning: there’s infidelity, and it’s the woman who cheats; there’s also one blatant incident of racism.

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Boomerang (1992) (sort of a movie review)

14 Jan

Since the whole thing started when I said that there’s not enough groveling at the end of Boomerang, it was obvious that it would be the inaugural selection for #RomancelandiaMovieNight. 1

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