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So it goes (better)

16 Jul

I’m still not reading–which sucks rotten eggs. As KristieJ said in her comment here, it’s like an essential bit of my soul is missing. This is a symptom of other shit going on in my life.

On the positive side, there’s a possibility of a side job in the same company I’m working for. This would be most excellent because, as much as I love my job now, and as good as the people I’m working for and with are,¹ I am not making enough money to cover my bills.

However, as it is not a given yet (hopefully, it’s a “yet” thing), I’m looking for part time jobs/gigs elsewhere. Until I find something, with this company or elsewhere, this–money stress–is one of the things limiting my ability to concentrate on anything but work.²

So, one way or the other, finding a secondary source of income is a priority.

All this to say that I thought things would remain dark and gloomy and sucky for a while.

After all, I couldn’t read, I couldn’t watch movies or tv, crafting has fallen by the wayside (creativity? forget it), nothing held my attention long enough to allow me to forget my financial circumstances.


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