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The Heart of Christmas Anthology (Mary Balogh, Nicola Cornick and Courtney Milan)

25 Apr

The Heart of Christmas Anthology

After reading and enjoying Courtney Milan’s work, I have been keeping my eye out for a copy of this anthology, which contains her print debut, the novella “This Wicked Gift.” I am very, very happy to report that it didn’t disappoint—to the contrary, I enjoyed it soooo much!

But hold on, let me get this review back on track.

The anthology consists of three Christmas themed stories by Mary Balogh, Nicola Cornick, and Ms Milan. Here is the back cover blurb: Continue reading

Shorts: a round up of short stories

25 Jul

Short stories round up—some available free online, some part of anthologies. (Alphabetical by title)

Nota bene: I very rarely read anthologies in one sitting, particularly because I often buy them for one author/story, and have no curiosity about the others. My choice of stories to review, therefore, has nothing whatsoever to say about the quality of the other stories. After all, I haven’t read them. Continue reading

WALL-E (sort of a movie review)

18 Jul

So I’ve heard things both wondrous and rather negative about this one. Seems that it’s either the best thing since sliced bread and worthy of the Oscar for best movie… or boring Disney-fied preachy pabulum for tree huggers who can’t think for themselves.

Me? I liked it.

I’m not going to throw myself at Pixar’s feet and cry my eternal passion for their work, nor am I going to call WALL-E a masterpiece, but it’s a cool movie—for what it actually is: a love story.

(While most of what I’m going to mention has been either shown or hinted at in the movie trailers, those severely allergic to spoilers may want to stop reading here.)

I think of the movie as a three parter.
Continue reading

Lover Enshrined, by J. R. Ward

19 Jun

Lover Enshrined, by J. R. Ward

Is anyone tired of seeing reviews for this one all over the place? Well, tough luck, it’s my turn and I’m not forfeiting it, so there!


(Besides, this one is going to be much more superficial than most of my other reviews, so it’s not as if you’ll learn anything interesting here.)

Lover Enshrined is the sixth installment in Ms Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series. While the first five installments are mostly paranormal romance, this novel seems to take this universe in a slightly different direction, more into the urban fantasy saga with romantic elements subgenre. Continue reading