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Yet another long standing blog shuts down

4 Nov

Novel Thoughts headerI am very, very sad.

For those who don’t know, Romance Reader at Heart, which opened its virtual doors in 2001, has a massive database of reviews, an extensive database of authors and books, many, many, many book lists, timelines, a message board and more.

Something, however, was missing, and just over seven years ago, Romance Reader at Heart opened its blog, Novel Thoughts. The lovely Mad (aka Fatin) rand the blog, mostly by herself. I helped her out for a brief period of time, and latter on lillie did as well.

Yesterday, Mad and lillie announced that Novel Thoughts is shut down immediately.

I will not speculate to their reasons to do so, but it’s always sad to see such a long standing romance blog just…be done, gone. I for one, am going to miss it, because while in lately I haven’t commented much, that doesn’t mean I don’t visit often.

Here’s to you, ladies, with thanks for all the joy and best wishes for the present and future.

Synchronicity–yeah, it does happen

28 Sep

Isn’t it funny how, when you are into something, it seems like suddenly everyone else is into it as well?

Probably it’s just that one is more attuned to any mentions whatsoever of one’s current obsession, but this one instance struck me as particularly funny.

I am reading Elizabeth Hoyt’s Maiden Lane series right now–and enjoying the absolute bejeesus out of it.

Oh my good lord, I love it!


It all started a while back when I got Wicked Intentions during RWA 2010 and devoured it. Mid seventeen hundreds, the heroine is genteel poor and runs an orphan home in one of the most notorious and dangerous slums of the time in London. The hero is a Lord–a simple Baron, mind you!–with a reputation as a Greek scholar and as a sexual deviant. Ms Hoyt populates her world with numerous secondary characters (more than 20, in fact) with not only speaking parts, but enough personality as to be more than just named plot contrivances; they are not sequel bait, they are people you want to know better, whose stories you can’t wait to know. There is a number of plot threads running through the book, and only a handful of them seem to be solved by the novel’s end. The sex between hero and heroine is hot but never gratuitous, the conflicts between them are realistic–it’s never just a matter of “he can’t love me!” or “she’s too good for me!” or some other shorthand for “all the issues between the main characters would be solved if they could communicate like rational adults sometime.” And the solution to these problems is just dramatic enough to be convincing without being so neat it becomes a fairy tale no one beyond the age of six can buy.¹

*takes a breath*

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Operation Auction – ready, set, go!

27 Mar

Operation Auction

From the blog:

Operation Auction will be going live on Sunday, March 27th at 12:01 am PDT. We will have all items in the Operation Auction ebay store.


None of the items will show up until the auction is live and not all items are going up at the same time. We have divided the items as equally as possible into three batches.

  • Batch One will be up March 27th at 12:01 am PDT, ending March 30th at 12:01am
  • Batch Two will be up March 28th at 12:01 am PDT, ending March 31st at 12:01am
  • Batch Three will be up March 29th at 12:01 am PDT, ending April 1st at 12:01am

All listings will run for three days. The only exception is the breakfast at RT with Angela James, Jane Litte, and Sarah Wendell. Because that event is approaching very soon, it will be in batch one and be a one-day auction only.

We are going to try our best to get lists up of what items are in which batch, but with new donations still coming in I’m not sure everything will be included. There will be categories in the store to help you find the items you want.

Shipping details will be in the description of each item. Please read those carefully before you bid to see if it is US only or international.

Don’t wait, go bid!

Operation Auction!

17 Mar

Operation Auction

The generosity of the romance community is a moving and powerful force.

As I mentioned before, Fatin and her daughters lost their husband and father to a terrible and senseless act of violence last week. Authors, editors and readers have rallied around one of our own, organizing in record time a series of eBay auctions to benefit the family. Click on the image to read more about it.

People interested in helping can donate all sorts of things (contact Lillie or Sharon directly for more details) or bid on them once the auctions go live–or they can simply use the handy PayPal button on the blog.

Thank you–and please, keep Fating and her family in your thoughts.

Very sad news

10 Mar

Many of our readers have probably heard by now, via twitter or blogs, of this terrible, senseless tragedy.

Fatin, known widely throughout romance blogland as Mad of the Novel Thoughts blog, has lost her husband to a workplace shooting. You can offer your condolences to her and their four daughters there.

~ ~ ~

Lillie, who for the past several months has helped Mad run Novel Thoughts, will keep the community updated as to what we can do to help Fatin and her family during the aftermath of their loss.

~ ~ ~

ETA: Information on an education fund set up for Fatin’s daughters has been added. Let’s do what we romance lovers do best and give them our support.