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Behold, a Victorian corset, entirely handsewn!

24 Aug
Front view of a corset in burgundy fabric with white muslin lining peeking out from the bottom, laced to a dress form. The shape is tapering from a sweetheart line over the bust to a tight waist, then wide flaring hips, with the front coming to a point low on the belly.

Okay, it’s tiny, but it totally counts (the busk is just under 3in/7cm long, and yes, that’s a pencil sharpener peeking out from behind the point of the busk, I used it to raise the dress form a bit).

Here’s how it happened, in another image-heavy post.

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Sashiko panel on a square pouch

3 Aug
Overhead shot of the pouch on its side, the zipper is pulled open so the gaps on the sides, where the zipper is not attached, are more evident
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Scattered making

25 Jul

Because the world is still on fire, while the people in charge pretend not to notice how well aimed the flames are (they are not, after all, first in line to burn), I continue to struggle to read. Making things, on the other hand, is happening.

I hope to write a post for each of these things once I finish them, but in the meantime, a few teasers:

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Vertical zipper pouch

13 Jul
A pouch with a box-like bottom half in denim, and a burgundy cotton fabric top bisected by a closed vertical zipper, with a strip of blue fabric running around where the two parts join, and as a binding at the top, where the handle, in the burgundy fabric, comes up.

Little reading, while also avoiding twitter as much as I can (because the world is on fire, and I am struggling to cope), means more making things. And these days, it mostly means sewing. So, here’s another image-heavy post for you.

Fair warning, I had the devil of a time trying to get a good picture of this one, because it’s shape is…Let’s go with “challenging” to photograph–for me.

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