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Old clothes, old bedsheets, new dual form pouch

27 Oct
Finished pouch, zipper pulled close, showing the front of the pouch with the 18 patchwork triangles

Handsewing is one of those activities that some people find tedious and I find incredibly calming. With so much everything happening at once, I’ve been sewing quite a bit lately.

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Because they are fun to make

13 Oct
Three little patchwork coin pouches, light blue and pink; red, blue plaid and denim; denim and blue plaid

And will make fun little end of the year holiday gifts.

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Surprise! (dual form pouch)

11 Oct
Denim pouch with white zipper and round zipper end caps in red

It’s a cute zippered make-up pouch…

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A tiny patchwork pouch

4 Oct

Had scraps, made a thing.

Little pouch, open, showing sewing clips

It came out much better than it had any right to, frankly.

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