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Do all my work for me, please, but only if you are an expert. Thank you.

19 Jan

Originally posted at Karen Scott’s blog

Okay, so I’m probably being harsh in my interpretation, but that’s how this comes across to me¹:

Let’s say, hypothetically, that my wife has written a romance novel, and furthermore, it’s quite good and is saleable. I’m wondering if anyone here has firsthand knowledge of what channel would be best for her to publish it in. Namely, a traditional publisher or a respectable online publisher. Is online publishing as much of a shot in the dark as self-publishing? Are there good resources to help find online publishers or literary agents? Does anyone have an idea of what advance and payment rates might be expected from either channel?

Also, I’m assuming you would get a literary agent for a traditional publishing, but do agents factor in to online publishers?

After a request like that, I hate to sound like a jerk, but… I would also like to have an idea of how much of a reply is opinion and how much is first hand or anecdotal evidence. I would appreciate if you would refrain from just throwing out your two cents worth unless you have actual information, and also try to explain where your information comes from.

And thanks in advance for any replies.

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