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No, it’s NOT bullying.

31 Oct

It’s been a weird few weeks and people’s danders are aup all over the place.

But please, could we try and use this one correctly?

No, what the toxic egg aka Nut is doing is not bullying¹–because it is not in a position of power.2

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We read. We blog. We are NOT the Borg.

30 Oct

Blogger Blackout - badgeIf you are an author and you spend any appreciable time online, interacting with readers on social media, you may want to remember that.

Translation: Just because a few book bloggers chose not to review, or blog, or to do either, for a handful of days, does not mean all bloggers/reviewers are conspiring to kill your career. Certainly not the bloggers who chose to do so.

We are not an organization. We do not have a hierarchy, a decoder ring or even a secret handshake.

At most, book bloggers have one–and only one–common denominator: we love to read and share our love of reading with like-minded people.

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Perspective, you are doing it wrong.

21 Oct

See updates at end

Many of my readers are aware of the batshit crazy irrationality that exploded over the weekend. For those who are not, here’s the summary: on Saturday October 18th, 2014, The Guardian published a…something–essay? a confessional? a self-congratulatory account of insanity irrationality? a proud confession of criminal activity?–by a debut author by the name Kathleen Hale.

In the piece, KH recounts how she stalked a reviewer online for a period of time.

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Explains a lot, doesn’t it? (EC v DA)

8 Oct

Ellora's Cave sues Dear Author



Found on twitter (hat tip to KTGrant):

Birds of a feather and all that, no?

Edited to add:

Oh and in case it gets memory-holed (like a couple of previous comments by the sockpuppet) here’s the screenshot:

Ellora's Cave thanking STGRB - dick move, indeed


In other news, do forgive me a quick squeeeeeee–I’ve been linked to by TechDirt for their report on the Ellora’s Cave v Dear Author lawsuit.

Okay, my three nanoseconds of fame are over. Back to obscurity…