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Crazy quilting: another zipper and/or drawstring pouch

24 Jun
Finished crazy quilting pouch flat on the desk, zipper open; the inner drawstring extension pulled out and stretch out showing the wooden beads on the side. There are some other wooden beads next to it as well as a sewing needle and thread nippers.

(Self-indulgent, image heavy post ahead)

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And then there were twenty.

8 Jun
All 20 pouches, finished, tops up, spread on top of my desk

Finally, all twenty pouches are done.

I am now reaching out to all the incredibly patient donors to #RomancingTheVote who, almost four months ago (gog help me!) paid for these. I’m hoping to have all the addresses in the next couple of days so I can mail them all in one go, but if I don’t get them all by Friday evening, I’ll just have to make a couple of trips to the post office.

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Chugging along (another update)

6 May

Given the absolute shitshow that is US politics right now, let alone “we are still in a pandemic, stupid”, and “there’s a war in Europe, so food and fuel prices have risen because war profiteering is a thing US corporations do really well”, I thought to try for a bit of cheer.

Top of my work table, showing 12 finished patchwork pouches, and three halfway completed, all with different fabrics/thread colords/quilting patterns combinations.
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Still here (April has been a slog)

29 Apr

This really has been a hard month here at casa aztec, which is why there have been so few posts, little-to-no reading (or reviewing), and why I’m still stitching the last few of the pouches for #RomancingTheVote.

Still quilting pieces denim/royal blue/red pouch
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