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Oh dear dog, so true!!! (NSFW: language)

30 Jul


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Internet Neutrality: the non-boring version

4 Jun

I am probably one of the last people in the country to become acquainted with John Oliver (but then, I don’t watch tv). Thanks to the magic of youtube, plus having online friends who are more conversant with popular culture, I came across the video below.

BEWARE:  that it has plenty of NSFW language, and that it’s in all ways awesome.

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What the FCC vote on Internet neutrality means to every single person reading this.

16 May

I am appalled–though, sadly, not surprised–by the apathy with which so many people are responding to the current proceedings over at the FCC.

Today’s 3 to 2 vote basically means that the internet has been sold to the highest bidder–the big media corporations.

Once upon a time, people got up on arms about SOPA, PIPA and the like, but today? So many netizens go about their day ignorant or uncaring of what this proposal means to their…well, daily life.

You read blogs? You participate in forums? You stream content? You use email? You buy–or sell–anything online?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then what Chairman Tom Wheeler wants to do with the internet affects you–right now.

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Prescient: “The next two decades are going to be privacy”

10 Dec

From The West Wing‘s episode The Short List (S01E09):

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