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Plagiarizing reviews, pirating books: a shout out to authors

4 Apr

I was made aware a while back that author Delilah Marvelle had found that someone had plagiarized a number of reviews of her books from an English speaking reviewer.

As I get so little traffic (and have a Creative Commons License posted pretty prominently on the blog), I’ve never been too terribly concerned about plagiarism. Still, I checked–and found that at least two filesharing (aka, pirating) sites seem to have posted some of my my more positive reviews.

I say ‘seem’ because I am not about to register to either of these sites to check–I will say that it’s a pretty safe bet to say that they are using positive reviews to encourage users to download those books. Which pisses me off.

Here’s the thing–I cannot start sending DMCA notices on behalf of the authors, because only the copyright owner can do that.

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More on copyright

7 Mar

Discussions, discussions, discussions…

One of my favorite blogs–even if plenty of the commentary and more than a little of the posts are beyond my pay rate–is Popehat. I found it not that long ago via Dear Author, and have since enjoyed reading and even (though very rarely) commenting there.

There are a variety of points of view and interests reflected in the blog, as befits any group blog, but there is quite a bit of emphasis on freedom of speech, its challenges and its defense. It’s the posts on this topic that I enjoy the most, particularly because I love being witness to people who do put their principles before their likes/dislikes. Ken White in particular is very good about defending the law rather than siding with entities or people he may or may not have a beef with–to wit: Eat Less Totalitarianism.

The reason I’m mentioning all this here is because a more recent post–or rather, where the comment thread has wandered off to. The post gives some background about Prenda Law, a thuggish law firm (or shop) which seems to act much as the proverbial ambulance chaser for copyright holders. And in the best tradition of such fine representatives of the legal profession, they have mucked things up in fairly entertaining ways.

What made the whole bit all the more interesting to me is the conversation veering towards copyright law, infringement, piracy and the like. (Something those who have read the blog may have noticed I’m interested in.)

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Famous! (obviously, not quite…)

22 Jan

(Still, there was a quote and a link and stuff.)

Last week that was much debate (much, seriously much) debate in Etsy’s business forum about SOPA, PIPA, individual vs community interest, etc. Given I was off work and offline (most of my usual online haunts went black, after all–go, all of you wonderful people!), I joined the conversation (here) and then spent much more time than what was reasonable in a couple of threads.

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Seriously: don’t break the internet.

18 Jan

Don’t break the internet

17 Jan

If you are interested in learning more, visit CopyBlogger for a very easy to understand summary. If you are an Etsy seller, check out how SOPA/PIPA could affect you–whether or not you personally infringe anyone’s copyright.


5 Jan

I am a self-taught knitter.

Mind you, I come from a family of knitters. My mother outfitted five babies born too close together, by knitting most of our clothes. She was taught by my grandmother, who supplemented her income for years by knitting beautiful vests and shawls. And my grandmother learned from her mother, who learned from her mother, who learned from her mother…and so on and so forth.

But I happen to be left handed and stubborn, which translated in my refusal to knit right handed, and their despairing of ever figuring out how to teach me to knit at all (they didn’t care about knitting ‘right’ or backwards, they just wanted to share this amazing craft with me).

Fast forward a few decades. An aunt by marriage was visiting at my mother’s at the same time I was staying there. As luck would have it, the topic of knitting (and my inability to grasp it) came up. My aunt (who can’t craft to save her life; cooking is her thing) looked at the three of us and said, matter of fact, “You just have to mirror what they do.”

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On piracy, again

2 Feb

Every so often, for one reason or another, the issue of piracy comes up.

This is particularly true of book piracy, both print (ARC versions of books are scanned and posted in ‘filesharing’ sites even before they are available in book stores) and, even more so, electronic.

There are many discussions and points of view on this–both Karen and I have talked about it, Shiloh Walker has spoken frequently and eloquently on the topic, and via RRRJessica’s Monday Stepback post I was able to read a differing point of view from Bibliophile Stalker, a Philipino author.

However, in the end, is this post by Robin D. Owens (author of the Heart series, a favorite of mine), which strikes closer to the heart of the matter, as far as I’m concerned (bolding  mine):
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