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Perhaps I am naïve after all

16 Jul

After six months of not writing one single solitary review, it seems a flood is coming. I would apologize for the glut but… nah, ‘sall good 😉

Anyway, a recent author’s response to my usual courtesy email (“My review of your novel [title] has been posted here [link]“) included something along the lines of “I like your reviews because I can tell you actually read the book.”

Picture me blinking in incomprehension.

Seriously? People out there write reviews without reading the material they are reviewing?

People other than Harriet Klausner, that is *cough*

On another note–but somewhat related–I’ve been mulling a variation of “if you can’t say something nice…” This one is called “For the life of me I can’t understand why harping on the negative and not the positives”.

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Entitlement, yet another post on it

22 Jan

The following is a non-specific but repeated conversation between authors and their adoring public (aka fangirls of both the crazy and not-so-crazy varieties):

Reader to writer: Oh, I love your work!

Writer to reader: Thank you so much, I’m glad to know that.

Reader to writer: Yes, I’ve read everything of yours—twice—and I’ve been waiting to find out what happens to/with character (fill in the blank)

Writer to reader: Thank you…

Reader to writer: You know, you should write faster, dammit, I want to know what happens in the next book of the series! Now!

Writer to reader: I am writing, as fast as I can!

Reader to writer: Oh no, you are not—look, the last book came out six months ago, where’s the next one????

Writer: …..

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Random musings on a Sunday evening

24 Aug
(this is not a post; it’s literally a drive-by musing)

It is a sad thing indeed when a reader looking to figure out how novels are connected fares better looking at their fantastic fiction page rather than the author’s own site.

And it’s not as if readers haven’t blogged before about these things–see the Book Binge‘s Reader’s Guide to Authors Websites; or The Good, The Bad and The Unread‘s Authors’ Online Presence. Or from the way back machine, check out Dear Author‘s What Every Author’s Website Should Contain (please note the date, closing in on three years, and we are still begging authors for these things).

But if readers’ needs and preferences are not enough incentive, perhaps reading Top Ten Peeves from booksellers and readers (also at Dear Author) would motivate at least a few more authors to do something about their slow, clunky, cluttered, uninformative websites.

Thank you.

RWA and the print vs e publisher question (sorta)

21 Jun

Like many readers who spend time around romance blogs (readers’ or authors’) I have been an interested observer of the continuing train wreck that is RWA’s stance on e publishers.

Leaving aside the often condescending (if not outright distasteful) attitude that seem to drip off some of RWA’s board members’ communications with the general membership *coughDianePershingcough* here is some of the stuff I don’t get. If I understand correctly, the raison d’être for RWA is to educate its members, giving them the information they need to make intelligent choices about everything from choosing an agent to reading a contract, in order to have fulfilling careers as writers of romance novels.

Nowhere did I find (but then I don’t know the secret handshake, so it may be in the “members only” part of the site) the place where it says,

“and the board gets to decide a) what exactly constitutes romance, and b) what constitutes a career”

(Neither did I see where it says that advocacy means treating members like children who need to be protected)

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