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Mini Christmas Ornaments

7 May
Close up of a Christmas tree showing a six pointed white quilled snowflake
They are so delicate, just about 1in across. and about 1/8 inch thick
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Chris’s Stars

19 Apr
Green, blue and pink stars resting on white paper
I am really happy with how each came together, and I love them as a group

A couple of weeks ago, I showed the pictures of Vanessa’s star to a friend, who was kind enough to oooohhhh! and aaaahhh! enough over it, that I made a smaller one for each family member, in their favorite colors.

Beware another image-heavy post with lots of quilling porn.

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Vanessa’s Star

5 Apr
Close up of a quilled six-pointed star, showing the position and shine of the glittery green plastic gems
I love the effect of the shiny green gems

Generally speaking, I prefer crafts that produce small objects. This star I made for a neighbor is the rare exception, as it came out to just a bit under a foot across.

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Megan’s flowers

29 Mar
Three quilled paper flowers in a little pot
A lil flower pot

After blogging about Tony’s guitar, I realized it would be easy to think that I have not made anything for the last five years or so, given the dearth of evidence in here.

Over the years, I’ve made many little things as tokens for friends, as money has always been tight, but I’ve always had a few minutes here and there to make things. I do not have photographs of most of the things I’ve made, but I want to blog about those I do, however humble the offerings.

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