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Charity, compassion and forgiveness: Christian values…of a kind

18 Jun

A few days ago I read an article in msnbc.com about a Florida teacher who had been fired from a private Christian school because she conceived her daughter a few weeks before her marriage, to the father of the baby. Apparently the school director told her that “fornication” was grounds for termination (but only, of course, outside of the sacrosanct institution of marriage).

I fumed over this and wondered whether such a clause was spelled out in the employment contract–since in the article the teacher stated that the whole thing came at her out of left field, during a discussion to arrange for maternity leave.

Well, it seems the teacher and her husband thought it worth their while to check on the legalities of the issue, and found a lawyer that confirmed that nope, it’s not legal to fire a qualified teacher for having premarital sex*. Based on this lawyer’s advice, the teacher is suing the school for unlawful termination–and now the school has the gall to ask her to drop the suit and “consider the testimony of the Lord.”

Me, I’m thinking of that little thing about having compassion and charity for your fellow human being–you know, the kind that would make it easier to forgive this sin in order not to fire a pregnant woman, let alone a widow with five children, particularly in this economy.

But then I’m not a self-righteous asshole 😉

* * * * *

*At least not when it’s not in public, with a minor, with a student, in school grounds and the like–you know none of those pesky illegal or criminal possibilities; this was consensual, adult-adult, private sex between two people in love.

Random cranky pondering (with gratuituous and unrelated LOL cat)

4 Nov

Do you ever feel the urge to say, to a loved one (or a friend, or well meaning relative, acquaintance, etc.), “I don’t know where you get your information, but it doesn’t apply to my reality”?

Dear customer service people,

18 Oct

Having dealt with the public consistently for some four years, I readily understand how draining, unreasonable and aggressive people can be towards those of you who make your living as customer representatives.

Perhaps it would help everyone involved if you would internalize this trivial fact: by the time a customer seeks you out, he or she is already aggravated by a broken down system. He or she doesn’t have the emotional reserves to be kind, understanding and apologetic about interrupting your day with unreasonable demands to receive whatever services s/he is already paying for–the nerve!–and when you yourself are short, ungracious and rude, it only compounds the problem, unnecessarily prolonging an interaction that is, clearly, as repugnant to you as it is to the customer.

Therefore, perhaps it would behoove you, in a fit of self-interest, to be expedient in resolving whatever disagreement or complaint is coming your way, so that you may hang the phone all the sooner, turn around to your fellow customer service representatives, and make fun of/bitch about the latest imbecile to interrupt your working day with her trivial and stupid problems.

Thank you kindly,

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And now for another WTF? moment…

1 Oct

Some of you in the US may have seen this news article, but for those who haven’t, the nutshell: a woman somewhere in Michigan watches over the elementary school children of several (I believe it’s three) of her friends for about an hour before the school bus comes along to pick them up. An unnamed neighbor of this woman complained that she was running an illegal day care in a residential area–even though no money is changing hands. Now this woman is facing certain fines and potential jail time.

With all the parents involved going to the press, it’s gotten the attention of the governor, who apparently will take a look at the phrasing of the law so that it’s clear that if you don’t get paid you don’t need to be licensed. (Apparently, ‘favor’ needs to be defined, go figure).


The interesting thing is that I have seen this happen over here in Florida. There’s a renter in my community who picks up the kids of two or three other families from school along with her own. She keeps an eye on them for a few hours until the parents pick them up. Once again, no money changes hands–affidavits to this effect have been provided by all parents involved, by the way. And yet…

Someone–yet another anonymous* neighbor–keeps calling the cops on her, complaining of an illegal day care in a residential area.

Now, as the grouchy neighbor who called the property manager when a group of kids tore the branches out of the trees across from my house, I understand having a hard time with little hooligans loose on the property.

Thing is, though… these kids stay home, having lunch and doing homework, until their parents pick them up. If you don’t happen to see them come in every day after school, and see their parents pick them up in the late afternoon, you wouldn’t know there are kids in that house, at all.

And I have to ask…what does it matter to anyone that this woman keeps three (or is it four?) kids in her house for a few hours from Monday to Friday? Why does anyone care, for that matter?




*anonymous in a manner of speaking–we know it is the person directly across from her. Who, incidentally, keeps her three grandchildren at her own house after school until their parents pick them up after work. And those kids? They spend quite a bit of time tearing around the property.

Drive by pedantic random language rant (insomnia fueled)

14 Sep

To alter, is to change. To worship, we use an altar.

The palate is what we cleanse with a new taste or flavor. Palette is what painters use to mix their colors.

Yes, I’m cranky. And your point is…? 😀

Random musings on a Sunday evening

24 Aug
(this is not a post; it’s literally a drive-by musing)

It is a sad thing indeed when a reader looking to figure out how novels are connected fares better looking at their fantastic fiction page rather than the author’s own site.

And it’s not as if readers haven’t blogged before about these things–see the Book Binge‘s Reader’s Guide to Authors Websites; or The Good, The Bad and The Unread‘s Authors’ Online Presence. Or from the way back machine, check out Dear Author‘s What Every Author’s Website Should Contain (please note the date, closing in on three years, and we are still begging authors for these things).

But if readers’ needs and preferences are not enough incentive, perhaps reading Top Ten Peeves from booksellers and readers (also at Dear Author) would motivate at least a few more authors to do something about their slow, clunky, cluttered, uninformative websites.

Thank you.

A rant, not a review: rape in a romance story

14 Jun

I am serious, this is not a review. This rant originated while I was reading Maggie Shayne’s “Animal Magnetism” (originally in the Wild Thing anthology)

Bare bones set up: there’s a serial rapist about and no clues. The bastard wears a mask of some sort, beats his victims to within an inch of their lives, then rapes them and leaves. During one such attack, he shoots the victim’s dog. When the cops arrive, one of them takes the wounded Lab to the nearest vet… who happens to have a psychic ability that allows her to communicate with animals. Events unfold from there.

So far, so good, right? But then I got blindsided.

[reader beware: there be possible spoilers ahead]

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