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What happened to the three Rs?

16 Mar

Can you shed some light on this?

We keep hearing about the push to stop wasteful behaviour, how it’s important to teach our children to reduce the amount of trash they produce, to reuse stuff-for the same or different purposes that it was originally intended, no matter as long as it means less waste-to actively recycle whatever we can from our household discards.

There are places like Earth911, Freecycle and many more.

And yet, when I call my local elementary school to ask if they would take notebooks with a few missing pages at the top (I swear, none of them less than ¾ new); boxes of crayons, colored pencils, and markers that have been used a bit, perhaps missing one or two colors; used plastic binders and folders in good shape, and other school supplies…

… I am told that jeez, they would be happy to take them if only they were new, but that they don’t have any use for my crap stuff.

So, I ask you, our readers…

What the hell? Continue reading

Drama, drama and more drama!

8 Mar

(With apologies to TeddyPig, there aren’t any torn nylons or running mascara involved… that I know of, at least)

So. No sooner do I wince at the latest cyber flounce than I find myself pondering whether to say something about my disappointment with a particular online venue, and my reluctance to lurk—let alone post!—there anymore.

Hypocritical of me, probably, because I also find all sorts of reasons and justifications to post a long screed. Things like, “I’ve belonged to this community for a number of years” and “I’m a frequent contributor” and “I have not indulged in hyperbole or name calling.”

Thankfully, the decision has been made for me. Someone extremely level-headed, respectful, articulate, professional, and kind has been banned from that forum for ohmygawdhowdareshe! asking questions about what appears*** to be a new moderating policy: holding people accountable in that forum for what they say elsewhere online. Considering that I agreed with her—only I would have probably worded it a bit more *ahem* forcefully—all down the line, all my posting on the issue would get me would be a) post deleted, followed by b) banning, with a corollary of c) “we are doing the best we can but all those mean people keep coming here to provoke us.” Continue reading

Mini rant: why, do you suppose, it that?

27 Feb

I’m not sure if this is a rant or just a musing.

Why is it that people driving cars and trucks—and the bigger the vehicle, the more prone the driver seems to be to this—feel the need to crowd the bike lane on the right hand side of the road?

It’s not that they are driving already on the right side of their lane, no—they swerve right as they come close to the lone bike rider dragging a loaded bike trailer in a four miles plus stretch of road.

Me. Continue reading

I spea…okay, it’s a rant

25 Feb

So first the Walmart near my house stops carrying DVDs. Fine, it’s not like I was buying them there anyway.

But now they have done away with the measly book shelf they had near the entrance. They still have three shelves full of greeting cards and an aisle of party crap, but not. one. book.

What the fuck?

So, because I’m looking for a book–a specific title, mind–I ride a bit further, to the it’s dying, not it’s not, yes it’s dying, no actually it just bought SEARS Kmart in the area… And they don’t have the book either.

Mind, it was not a total waste of time or energy–I did get Larissa Ione’s Desire Unchained–but I’m still looking for Beth Williamson’s The Education of Madeline.

Seriously, people how hard are you guys*** gonna make it for readers to find books?


*** You guys: stores, publishers, etc–definitely NOT authors.

(WTF panda image grabbed shamelessly from Ann Aguirre’s blog)