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Boomerang (1992) (sort of a movie review)

14 Jan

Since the whole thing started when I said that there’s not enough groveling at the end of Boomerang, it was obvious that it would be the inaugural selection for #RomancelandiaMovieNight. 1

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Eidolon, by Grace Draven

27 Dec
Cover for Eidolon, by Grace Draven; a redheaded white woman in an embrace with a man with literal gray skin, showing the scar across his missing left eye.
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Miss Scarlet and the Duke

17 Nov

An original take on Lady Sherlock, courtesy of PBS.

Poster for the first season of Miss Scarlet and the Duke, showing Kate Phillips in late Victorian dress in the foreground and holding an antique pistol. Behind her and slightly to the side, Stuart Marting, also in period dress, is shown in profile, also holding a pistol. Big Ben looms in the gloom in the background.
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Dark Light, by Jayne Castle

27 Sep

Trigger warning for a discussion of suicide (by the characters) that is…not good. Really not good.

(Note: this review has been in my drafts for about three years; I’m using the process of cleaning it up to a publishable state to try and get back into reviewing, for I’ve read a few really good books lately that I’d love to rave about, but I’m struggling to put book thoughts down into something coherent, let alone readable.)

Original cover for Jayne Castle's Dark Light
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