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Working for what you want (or, how to get an ARC of Shiloh Walker’s Veil of Shadows)

23 Jun

Creativity, people.

Some of us are blessed with it, some of us *raising hand* really aren’t.

Ms Walker, author of the excellent Through the Veil (my review here and author Carolyn Crane‘s reaction here), is running a contest for ARCs of the sequel, Veil of Shadows. Please notice that it’s not a giveaway–one of those “post a comment and random.org will select the winning entry” or even even one of those “winners will be drawn randomly from entries with correct answers” or some such. No, this one is a contest, and Ms Walker is the judge, jury and ex… erm… award giver *cough*

She has all the rules (with big and small print) over at her blog, here, but the nitty-gritty is this: to qualify, let alone to win an ARC, the entrants must be witty and creative, stating in amusing and original ways why they should receive one of these shiny, coveted ARCs, above all the other greedy souls who want them…

...my precioussssssssssssssss...

erm… Yes.


And therein lies my problem and sadness.

(look at the sad:

isn’t that just pitiful? heart-wrenching?)

I’m, if not the clear winner, then among the ten runners-up to the NOT coveted title of “least creative people ever born.” Out of the running even before the race starts, as it were.

Oh well.

In lieu of an actual entry, then, here’s me spreading the word–go forth and write something witty, entertaining, original, moving (no sob stories, though–read Ms Walker’s disclaimer, people!), etc. and if you win, I hope you remember who told you about the contest…

…while I wait for the release date *kicking rock* as I slowly turn a thoroughly unwholesome shade of envy green…



I found the lovely sad drawing here. Since the blog is in Turkish, I don’t actually know who drew it, but I find it adorable. What say you?

Shiloh Walker hosts another most excellent giveaway

21 Feb

Directly from her blog:

Enter to win a Nook! Help me spread the word about my upcoming release, BROKEN-due out 3.2.2010.  You can get your name entered for a drawing for a Nook, the new ebook reader from Barnes and Noble. You can also enter by preordering the book online or buying the book during release week-during… not before.

For the no purchase option, please see below.

Read on for details…

To enter:

Continue reading

Shiloh Walker says: blog about it! (that’s how you win)

20 Sep

Up to the end of September, there are ARCs of Hunter’s Need , Ms Walker’s December release in the Hunters series, up for grabs over at her blog!

A few lucky people will get a signed ARC and find out what happens between Ana and Duke (remember them? We met them in Hunting the Hunter), well before the release date.

Perfect for taunting fans of the series, wouldn’t you say? And getting your name in the drawing couldn’t be easier!

Here are the basic highlights on how to enter the giveaway: Continue reading

A plea for help: the Louisville Free Public Library

19 Aug

From Shiloh Walker‘s blog:

On August 4, heavy rains caused flooding in Louisville, Kentucky and the surrounding areas.  The Louisville Free Public Library’s main branch was hit hard and the damages are estimated at $1 million $5 million (per the Courier Journal on 8/6/09).


I’m putting together a book drive in effort to help.

How you can help:


  • Donations of new books, all genres.
  • Information about monetary donations can be found at WFPL.

Authors & Publishers:

  • Donations of both signed and unsigned books.  All genres, from children’s books to romance to non-fiction, etc, etc.
  • Signed books can be used in fundraiser purposes.  Unsigned books can be used to help replenish the books that were lost due to the flood.

I have spoken with somebody with the library** and at this time, they have no place to store books.  However, I’m close and I will keep the books at my house until they are able to take them.

For those wishing to donate books, please send them to:

Shiloh Walker

PO Box 976

Jeffersonville, IN47131

Feel free to repost this information in its entirety.

Shiloh Walker

**Please note, I did speak with library personnel before I started this bookdrive.  I realize they had no storage/no way to process books, which is why I’m holding them for the time being, and I did discuss that with library personnel as well.  Several members of the library do have my contact info, should they have concerns, and none have contacted me.

We will update this information as we know more, but we encourage folks to visit Ms Walker’s blog for to the minute details on the situation.

Wanna win $100 in free books? Follow Shiloh Walker’s Chains through the blogosphere

27 Apr

Want to win $100 in free books?

To help promote her upcoming release, CHAINS, author Shiloh Walker is doing a dash through some of the blogs in romanceland, leaving behind excerpts.  If you’d like to get entered to win a gift certificate for $100 (your choice from the online booksellers), all you have to do is visit the blogs, read the excerpts and leave a comment.  The excerpts are in order, just go on from here to each of the successive blogs!


An all new novel of erotic suspense

They weren’t friends. They weren’t enemies. The only thing the three girls had in common was the high school they went to in Madison, Ohio-until one tragic night. Now, fifteen years later, they’re returning home where passion-and danger-await…

Renee Lincoln was the homecoming queen-with the perfect boyfriend and the perfect life. After that horrible night, she rebelled the only way she knew how: by submitting to her wildest fantasies…

Tall, blonde, and athletic, Lacey Talbot was a golden girl with a bright future. She’s found success as a photographer, but no man has ever been able to satisfy her. No man but the bad boy she left behind…

Sherra Salinger has always looked like a princess out of some fairy tale. The books she writes, though, stem from the nightmare of that one night. And she shrinks from any man’s attention-especially the one stalking her…

They’re coming back to Madison-and it won’t be happy reunion. There are three men, all dangerous in a different way. And when each of them surrender their bodies to the heat, when they succumb to desire, they’ll find the safety they desperately need… Continue reading

Fragile, by Shiloh Walker

3 Feb

Hello, my name is azteclady, and I’m a Shiloh Walker fangirl (and no, I don’t need no stinkin’ program, thank you)

Fragile, by Shiloh Walker

Ms Walker’s latest print release, Fragile, is a mix of erotic romance and romantic suspense, and it succeeds beautifully in both subgenres. All too often erotic romances focus so much on the erotic part that the romance feels short-changed; not so with Fragile, at all. All the different elements are so well balanced that I have trouble trying to label this novel into any one subgenre.

Unless the label happens to be, “excellent” ‘cause then it’s easy.

Here is the back cover blurb: Continue reading

Talking with the Dead, by Shiloh Walker

18 Nov

Talking with the Dead, by Shiloh Walker

Originally published by Samhain in November 2006, this novella length story by Ms Walker caught my eye recently when it was reviewed by the inimitable SBSarah here. Eagle eye readers will notice quickly that she gave Talking with the Dead a C-.

If you are familiar with the most irreverent Smart Bitches who love Trashy Books, you understand immediately why I would be moved to search for and read a story with such a grade. If you are not familiar with them…where have you been? Nevermind. Hie thee over to their blog posthaste, and edumacate yourself. (If you are truly pressed for time, you can see Ms Walker’s reaction to the grade here)

Either way, my review after the blurb: Continue reading