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Testing boundaries…and not liking the consequences

20 Dec

A couple of days ago I became aware of the case of a Georgia high school student who has been suspended for a year, accused of sexual harassment for hugging a teacher. This suspension means that he won’t be eligible for a lacrosse scholarship he was counting on to attend college, which in turn makes everyone feel sorry for the kid.

I feel something quite different.

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Seriously, do NOT be that guy–and do not make apologies for him either.

19 Mar

Don’t be the manchild incapable of controlling himself.

Don’t be the man who can’t be held responsible if an attractive woman happens to be in his vicinity.

Don’t be the cowardly manchild who bleats, “She made me do it!” (because she was there, all attractive and female and shit), “she asked for it” (because she was wearing whatever it was she was wearing), “she didn’t say no” (because she was physically incapable of doing so, not that it would actually have made a difference).Just because - unconscious

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You don’t have to go to Africa.

11 Mar

Remember how we were horrified by that law in Swaziland decreeing that women dressing a certain way invite rape and should, therefore, be jailed?

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