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Not quite an update (EC v DA)

13 Oct

(edited to add links and stuff at the end–apologies)

In no particular order:Ellora's Cave sues Dear Author

Courtney Milan has a new blog post in the vein of #notchilled, wherein she discusses why, exactly, it makes absolutely not sense for a company that is having cash flow issues to sue anyone, but particularly not a) a lawyer, b) someone who is well-known and generally well-respected in their community, and c) someone who is both committed to stand their ground and who has the means–by themselves and/or with the support of said community–to do so.

You can get some schmo of a lawyer to file a barely competent complaint for very little money–my guess would be under $5,000. And this is not always a terrible tactic (in the economic sense; it can be morally bankrupt even if economically sensible), because most people don’t have the money to respond to a lawsuit and so they back down very easily.

Winning a lawsuit defended by competent counsel is a completely different affair. [1]

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Remember that Nut (aka the egg of toxic logic)? (EC v DA)

9 Oct

Ellora's Cave sues Dear AuthorYou know, seeing all the madness go down on twitter for the past few days has been…well, let’s say it’s been a fine example of

holy shit, what the actual fuck, Batman!!!

I mean, you think you’ve reached the bottom of the pit, then you look down and see a publisher celebrating a group of assholes who have both doxxed readers and encouraged online trolls to do actual harm to them. The same group of assholes, one might add, that have harassed one of said publisher’s own authors.

But there’s more–isn’t there always more where Ellora’s Cave and Tina Engler/Jaid Black are concerned?
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Explains a lot, doesn’t it? (EC v DA)

8 Oct

Ellora's Cave sues Dear Author



Found on twitter (hat tip to KTGrant):

Birds of a feather and all that, no?

Edited to add:

Oh and in case it gets memory-holed (like a couple of previous comments by the sockpuppet) here’s the screenshot:

Ellora's Cave thanking STGRB - dick move, indeed


In other news, do forgive me a quick squeeeeeee–I’ve been linked to by TechDirt for their report on the Ellora’s Cave v Dear Author lawsuit.

Okay, my three nanoseconds of fame are over. Back to obscurity…

I am not racist, because I say I’m not!

4 Aug

Thanks to the Dear Author thread that still hasn’t died (dear Lord, 812 comments and counting), I found out that the imbeciles who can’t shut up (aka the assholes behind Stop the GoodReads bullies site) are championing a book¹ that has been declared, by the overwhelming majority of its readers, as incredibly racist.

As usual, our crazy über special snowflake fidiots can’t accept that, when the majority of the consumers of a product have the same verdict, those consumers may be right–no, of course not. If two hundred plus reviews (on GoodReads alone, mind you, dog only knows what else is out there *shudder*) declare the book racist, it must be because they are all heartless bullies, not because the book–and probably its author–is, you know, racist.

After all, the author has said neither she nor the book is racist², so it must be so³.

In special privileged snowflake land, it’s the people doing the oppressing–you know, Anglo-Saxon blonde babes–who get to say whether or not what the people being discriminated against–say, black people (or really, anyone not lily white)–perceive is correct.

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“The internet is an archive, idiot(s)”

24 Jul

The criminally stupid continues to run strong. The infantile irresponsible assholes behind the Stop the GoodReads bullies are addicted to re writing history.

Unfortunately for them, the internet is an archive–there are Google caches and the Wayback Machine, and then there are those little inconvenient things called screen captures.

(click to enlarge)

In this case, AnimeJune of Gossamer Obsessions has a great compilation of the latter with, say, before and after shots.

~~~ * ~~~

If you wonder why I post again about the lies, is because the more people post the truth, the higher the likelihood of people new to the drama will see the proof of their reckless endangerment of these women, therefore not buying the poor us, we are victims bullshit they continue to spew.

~~~ * ~~~

The title of the post in homage to The Oatmeal’s annotated letter to Charles Carreon.

This needs to be said, over and over and over.

18 Jul

(See a couple of updates after Christi’s quote)

If you are tired of me harping on the topic of the misogynists behind the Stop the GoodRead bullies site, skip over this one.

The conversation at Dear Author is, at the time I’m typing, well over 300 comments strong. I’m sure it will go on for a while. At this point it seems to have devolved into a loop, with those who get what the actual issues are–misogyny, the chilling effect of true bullying on freedom of speech, and the crossing of lines by physically endangering women for daring to speak out.

Among those commenting, the ever present asshole concern troll, moniker Author on Vacation, whose mission in life–as perceived by me–is to be a victim on every thread sparked by an opinion letter over there. No matter what the topic, poor little Author on Vacation has been mistreated in a -somewhat- related manner¹.

Then there is the  new troll in town, going by the initials NM, who spits jewels such as these:
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I was waiting for this…

17 Jul

Dear Author finally weighs in on the Stop the GoodRead bullies dêbacle.

Also, strong indicators as to the identity of at least one of the people behind that site are becoming common knowledge–see Cuddlebuggery’s report back in May and Wendy Darling’s own post on the matter.

Passive Guy’s linking of the blog spawned a discussion thread that runs the gamut, but (at least so far) leans heavily towards the uncritical passive agressive (i.e., “oh I read the StGRb site, those awful women deserve to be outed”).

In the meantime, Foz Meadows points out one instance wherein an author, misled by the content on the StGRb’s sites, attacked one of the women profiled on twitter.

The Bawdy Book Blog has a good summary and links with several days’ worth of updates.
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