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“Paradise” by Meljean Brook

26 May

I have mentioned before that I rarely read anthologies cover to cover-which begs the question of why I buy them in the first place. The answer is that I want one-perhaps two-of the stories within, and that I want that one story bad enough to pay for content I know I am likely never to read.

You can imagine how happy I am on those occasions when two or more of the stories in the same anthology resonate with me. These are two such stories, originally published in 2007 in the Wild Thing anthology by Berkley.


“Paradise” by Meljean Brook

The third story in Ms Brook’s Guardians series (which started with the short “Falling for Anthony” published in the Hot Spell anthology*, followed by Demon Angel), it tells the story of Selah, one of the oldest remaining Guardians, and Lucas, a powerful vampire.

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