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Heiress for Hire, by Madeline Hunter

26 May
A dark-haired white woman, wearing a golden-yellow ballgown, standing in front of some stairs that look light purple, looking towards the camera.

After reading the ARC for The Heiress Bride, I found this one on sale for under a dollar, and so I grabbed it.

Beware: PTSD from sexual, physical and emotional domestic abuse; explicit sex.

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The Heiress Bride, by Madeline Hunter

22 May
Cover for The Heiress Bride; on it, a dark-haired white woman, with her hair in a high chignon, wearing a white ballgown and white gloves, walking away from the viewer while looking over her shoulder at the camera. The background is a garden with roses growing on a trellis and over an archway.

Despite having older titles by Ms Hunter in the humongous print TBR, courtesy of many recommendations from other readers whose tastes I trust, this ARC is my actual introduction to her work.

Reader beware: explicit sex; death of parents as backstory; attempted murder.

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Gallant Officer, Forbidden Lady, by Diane Gaston

15 Mar
Cover for Gallant Officer, Forbidden Lady:  a white man wearing a red uniform and a sword, holding a white woman with loose long auburn hair; she's wearing a white gown or perhaps a shift with petticoats, that's falling down her shoulders almost to her elbows. The background is a hazy sunset over a grassy field.

This month’s TBR Challenge theme is ‘baggage’; as SuperWendy notes, ‘baggage’ is the bread and butter of genre romance, so I was spoiled for choices. Which of course meant that I couldn’t think of anything.

However, this book has been inching its way up the towering pile of print TBR books in my nightstand for a while (a long while–I’ve had this signed copy since 2009, gog help me), and with a hero who survived the 1812 siege and subsequent pillaging of Badajoz, “baggage” was a given.

Reader beware: descriptions of battle scenes, PTSD, attempted rape, sex on the page.

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The Secret Lives of Country Gentlemen, by K.J. Charles

6 Mar
Illustrated cover for The Secret Lives of Country Gentlemen; on a blue field, there are drawings of different plants and animals one might encounter on the Marsh, along the vertical sides. Between these, the title. Below that, two men crouch facing each other. One is clearly white, with blond hair; the other has longish black hair and darker skin.

I had been waiting for this book since it was first announced; the cover reveal just upped the ante. I was therefore pretty close to ecstatic when I managed (through sheer luck) to get an ARC.

As expected, I loved it.

Of course, this being a K.J. Charles book, there are a few warnings to get out of the way (her author tag is “romance with a body count”, after all).

Reader beware: death of parents as backstory; parental neglect, parental abuse; explicit sex; threat of sexual violence against a young woman; actual violence and murder; and racism.

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