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I am not racist, because I say I’m not!

4 Aug

Thanks to the Dear Author thread that still hasn’t died (dear Lord, 812 comments and counting), I found out that the imbeciles who can’t shut up (aka the assholes behind Stop the GoodReads bullies site) are championing a book¹ that has been declared, by the overwhelming majority of its readers, as incredibly racist.

As usual, our crazy über special snowflake fidiots can’t accept that, when the majority of the consumers of a product have the same verdict, those consumers may be right–no, of course not. If two hundred plus reviews (on GoodReads alone, mind you, dog only knows what else is out there *shudder*) declare the book racist, it must be because they are all heartless bullies, not because the book–and probably its author–is, you know, racist.

After all, the author has said neither she nor the book is racist², so it must be so³.

In special privileged snowflake land, it’s the people doing the oppressing–you know, Anglo-Saxon blonde babes–who get to say whether or not what the people being discriminated against–say, black people (or really, anyone not lily white)–perceive is correct.

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