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Enough to despair of humanity.

16 Dec

Today we learn of more people who can justify killing children through religious beliefs.

We also learn that, in the so-called land of the brave and the free, the majority of the voting public believe that torture is justified.

Fuck that noise.

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When will it stop?

20 Nov

I have written here before about gun control.

Like other things I feel passionately about, violence involving guns is not something I have experienced first hand.

Today, however, it came ever closer.

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Why is it so hard to admit that misogyny actually kills people?

27 May

This is the question that Laci Green asks at the end of this video:

DISCLAIMER: NSFW, mostly for language, but it also may be offensive for those people who feel sorry for a mass murderer and advise women to be less stuck up–aka, exercise their right to say “no, I won’t date/fuck you”



Why is it so hard to admit that misogyny actually kills people?

Because we–all of us, women included–would have to accept our own responsibility for the rampant misogyny in western culture. How we react to the behaviour and comments of the men in our own lives–friends, relatives, children. Or, more to the point, how we fail to react, never pointing out to them, and to those watching, that their comments and behaviours are misogynistic, offensive and unacceptable.

Extremely disappointed–and more than a tad angry.

12 Dec

I am very vocal about my support of Equality Now. As long as women are not viewed as equal in all ways to men, everywhere in the world, Humanity will continue its ever faster descent into chaos.

As I admire Joss Whedon a great deal, I was absolutely delighted when they recognized his contributions to gender equality–and was very sad to learn, just recently, that he actually fired Charisma Carpenter from Angel because she got pregnant¹. Yes, it didn’t fit in his plans for the show, but seriously? fired her?

Total what the fuck, right?

The knowledge will taint my enjoyment of anything Whedon from now on–more’s the pity.

My current disappointment with the organization as a whole  is much deeper. A helluva lot deeper, in fact.

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Godspeed, Mr Mandela

5 Dec

The light of your soul illuminated the world, a beacon of hope, a renewal of the downtrodden’s faith in humanity. We are richer, that you walked among us, and are poorer for your passing. Rest in peace, President Mandela, you have earned it.

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela

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Also pertinent (gun laws again)

4 Oct

“If any one thinks those crimes could have been prevented if the victims themselves had been carrying guns, I only remind you that the President of the United States was shot last night while surrounded by the best trained armed guards in the History of the world.”

Substitute “last night” and President Bartlett for March 30, 1981 and Ronald Reagan, and the statements still holds true.

Gun laws

1 Oct

I often bemoan the fact that I live in a country where everyone has ready and easy access to guns.

Mind you, I’m pretty sure that people determined to get guns in countries where citizens are not legally allowed to have them, will likely find a way to get guns–but all in all, I really agree with this:

I honestly don’t know how far the numbers were skewed when this was broadcast, but the idea? It makes sense.

Then again, these days I’m more worried about eroding civil liberties and the increasingly powerful police state, where so many cops face zero consequences no matter how egregious their crimes and regardless of what is proved in a court of law.