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Lying to be Perfect (sort of a movie review)

1 Jan

A few weeks ago I was wandering around online, like you do, when I discovered that at some point years ago, Poppy Montgomery made a made-for-tv movie called Lying to be Perfect. Now, some of you may remember that Ms Montgomery was one of the actors in Without a Trace, which was a show I enjoyed very much for the first few seasons. I liked her in it and was happy to see her in something else, so I was all, “okay, let’s watch this movie.”

So I did and here is, more or less, what I thought.

Beware, though, there be spoilers ahead!

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And they say we are the mean girls

8 Feb

(I could also have titled this “are you fucking kidding me?” but well, I think I’ve already used that one a couple of times¹)

You know that movie opening today, Identity Thief? Apparently it sucks big hairy donkey balls the whole way through–as this review points out in pretty good detail.

There are those though who lack the words to express their dislike of the movie eloquently enough and must, therefore, resort to attacking the female lead’s weight and appearance instead of her performance. Why waste your dubious talent on writing a coherent critical review when you can resort to the oldest shorthand: call the woman fat and call it a day.

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