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How women’s participation, and their exclusion, have impacted the country’s history.

13 Mar

(Originally posted to the Community section of MyMedia)

Via openculture.com, a FREE online course:

• How women’s participation in, exclusion from, and impact on American economic, political, and social life have altered American history.
• How key figures and events have challenged the role of women in the home and workplace.
• How ideas, such as democracy, citizenship, liberty, patriotism, and equality have differently shaped the lives of women and men.
• How women of different races and classes have experienced work, both inside and outside the home.
• How historians of women and gender study America’s past, including hands-on opportunities to practice analyzing primary sources from the present and the past.
• How women’s history has developed and changed over time.

It starts today, so go ahead, learn to view the world around you in a different light.


Women’s History Month

10 Mar

(Originally posted to the Community section of MyMedia)

So March is Women’s History Month in the US. To celebrate it, as well as providing a striking visual of the incredibly large gender gap in publishing, a bookstore in Cleveland, OH, flipped all the books by male authors.

One of the first reactions I saw was to ask if it was ‘fair’ to obscure some authors to highlight others.

Gee, I wonder how many women authors have felt that, ever.

Soon after, someone else asked, How about women authors publishing under male pseudonyms?

Isn’t the fact that female authors still feel the need to submit manuscripts under male pseudonyms, particularly in genres like Science Fiction, further proof of the gender gap?

A while back, in the literature forum, I brought this up, and was told (in so many words) that there’s not that much of a gender gap in publishing. Wonder if that opinion still holds.