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Eidolon, by Grace Draven

27 Dec
Cover for Eidolon, by Grace Draven; a redheaded white woman in an embrace with a man with literal gray skin, showing the scar across his missing left eye.
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Radiance, by Grace Draven

6 Feb

Cover or Radiance, by Grace Draven, showing a redheaded white woman being embraced by a tall man with literally gray skin, wearing a good and a medieval-ish, sleeveless gambesonI read a lot, but I don’t have a lot of money to throw away. This means that I usually won’t try new authors unless they come very well recommended by a number of trusted reviewers and/or one of their books is on sale/free.

Even then, I am, fairly or not, much more leery of self published books than those which are traditionally published.  Say what you like, in the second case at least one or two people who are not friends of the author read the material before contracting it.

Sometimes, despite those recommendations, the author’s voice or the story are not for me, and I go back to what I know and trust.

Sometimes, the fit is so perfect, I’m completely blown away.

This is one of the latter cases.

Radiance, by Grace Draven

I honestly have no idea when, or where, I first heard of this book. I know Dear Author praised Master of Crows a couple of years ago, but for whatever reason it just didn’t call to me. Time passed, and I honestly don’t remember hearing anything about Ms Draven’s work since.

Then I saw the cover and read this piece by Carolyn over at Two Old Farts. What is a reader to do, when amazon–blasted, customer-savvy place that it is–makes it so easy to read a longish sample?

One-click it, of course, then devour it like a mad person, and then search Ms Draven’s website for any indications that the next story in this world will come out soon. Or at some point–I’ll wait if I have to.

Now, like any of the newly converted, I must share this with you.

Two caveats: one, this novel is self published,¹ and two, there are a couple of graphic sex scenes, and zero purple euphemisms. If you cannot take adult language in your romance, this one is not for you.

Behold, the blurb (from the author’s site):

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