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Patience, determination, courage.

8 Oct

Rest in Peace, RAF Officer John Fancy, the man who inspired the movie The Great Escape.

Nicknamed the Mole by the comanders of the camps where he was kept prisoner for most of War World II, John Fancy spent over half a year total in solitary confinement during his five year captivity, as a result of his determination to escape.

Morning Glory, by LaVyrle Spencer

25 Mar

Morning Glory, by LaVyrle Spencer

I am having a horrible time writing this review. There’s nothing I can criticize about this book. Not one single thing. How can you write a balanced review when there’s nothing weak or flawed there to balance all the good? (see update at end of the review) So I’m giving up—this is not a balanced review, I’m going to gush and praise like the most rabid of fangirls.

The back cover blurb doesn’t even begin to convey the complexity of the story, nor the mastery of the writing: Continue reading