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Musings on privilege

4 May

A few days ago, I had a conversation with a friend about politics, sexism, authoritarianism, and more. At one point, he mentioned that he despises the way privilege is often deployed to shut people up.

Which is a fair criticism, as we’ve all seen cries of “privilege” used to police what other people say and how they say it.

On the other hand, privilege exists, most people have at least some in one area or another, and it shields them from other people’s experiences and suffering.

Thing is, people rarely see their own privilege, however limited it may be, and therefore tend not to be receptive when it’s pointed out to them.

Like, say, people who have the privilege of choosing what they engage with, and how. Another form privilege manifests is in what we even see happening in the world around us.

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Take action. Vote. Give a damn.

11 Jul

(Originally posted to MyPolitics)

Some of those reading may be familiar with the HBO show Newsroom. For those who aren’t, the writing is generally of the liberal bent. (Not surprise that I liked it a lot, is there?). This clip (which I cannot embed, thank you youtube users) is even more relevant today than it was six years ago.¹ Thankfully, John Oliver’s more recent video on the topic can be embedded:

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“Life is really a One Way street, isn’t it?” (At Bertram’s Hotel, Agatha Christie)

11 Feb

completemissmarpleThe title of this post is a line by Miss Jane Marple, that unforgettable prototype of the intelligent, interested, principled, elderly lady sleuth.

Several months ago, the Complete Miss Marple Collection (digital version) was on sale at amazon for a truly ridiculous price–something like $5.99. Being a fan of Dame Christie, I snapped it up (yes, I have all of them in print, and have for at least forty years, but many are in Spanish, and all of them are falling apart at the seams, from age and use).

With one thing and another, I’ve been reading snippets here and there, until a few weeks ago. Feeling a bit sick, I finally fell into one of the stories.



Not so much.

See, things that I barely noticed before, or that I was able to shrug off when I did notice, now bother me a great deal, making it difficult for me to fully enjoy these stories that, for so long, were among my favorite reading.

Allow me to explain.

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What the hell is wrong with humanity?

8 Aug

This Monday, three boys forced their way into the home of a 51 year old woman with a mental disability, and beat her up. The beating was severe enough to require hospital time for the victim–and the little hooligans got away with all of $20 the poor woman had in her purse.

The mother of the eldest child, 10, turned him in after the attack, because he’s “out of control” (I’ll say). The other two children are 9 and 7–and because of their ages won’t face actual charges.

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