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Vertical zipper pouch

13 Jul
A pouch with a box-like bottom half in denim, and a burgundy cotton fabric top bisected by a closed vertical zipper, with a strip of blue fabric running around where the two parts join, and as a binding at the top, where the handle, in the burgundy fabric, comes up.

Little reading, while also avoiding twitter as much as I can (because the world is on fire, and I am struggling to cope), means more making things. And these days, it mostly means sewing. So, here’s another image-heavy post for you.

Fair warning, I had the devil of a time trying to get a good picture of this one, because it’s shape is…Let’s go with “challenging” to photograph–for me.

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Old clothes, old bedsheets, new dual form pouch

27 Oct
Finished pouch, zipper pulled close, showing the front of the pouch with the 18 patchwork triangles

Handsewing is one of those activities that some people find tedious and I find incredibly calming. With so much everything happening at once, I’ve been sewing quite a bit lately.

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Surprise! (dual form pouch)

11 Oct
Denim pouch with white zipper and round zipper end caps in red

It’s a cute zippered make-up pouch…

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A tiny patchwork pouch

4 Oct

Had scraps, made a thing.

Little pouch, open, showing sewing clips

It came out much better than it had any right to, frankly.

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