Round up of links: International Women’s Day

4 Aug

Below the fold are a number of links to different pieces on sexism, which were originally posted to this thread, in the Community section of MyMedia during June and July.

Some of the

I wouldn’t blame women for never wanting to interact with any man because so many of us are trash.

Yes, of course, toxic humans come in all sides. Men can be sexually assaulted, physically abused, and verbally taunted. This is all true. And still, men benefit from societies forcefully built by men. Women have typically been excluded, as we see with the “Founding Fathers” of the United States of America, and this is doubled and quadrupled for women of color. Women, and particularly women who present themselves in a feminine manner, do not have the benefit of male privilege. Even when men claim that a woman benefits from a masculine presentation or a queer identity, she is still a woman and is therefore seen as less than. Women cannot escape patriarchy.

A recent example is Serena Williams, one of the world’s greatest athletes. Period. Williams has been referred to as “too masculine.” There was once a debate over whether a horse should win “Sportsperson of the Year” over her. And just today, she was referred to as “Drake & Common’s Ex,” as if the only reason that we should care about a world-renowned tennis player is because she once dated two men. What may seem trivial to some is not actually trivial. Women cannot escape patriarchy.

So on our way to become “better men,” many marginalized groups have to deal with our learning process, bearing the brunt of the weight. In this case, it is most often women, femmes of all genders, nonbinary folk, and queer folks. Learning requires test subjects, and those test subjects are the recipients of all of the mistakes we have to make in order to unlearn the oppressive ways we interact with women and treat them as objects, not humans.


~ * ~

Intersection of publishing and sexism:

There was a strong perception among respondents that, in the words of one respondent, “men are seen as ‘special assets’ to be retained/promoted, while the women expected to fall by the wayside on the path to the top”. Another reported that her “senior male colleagues” feel “that the younger female employees make good assistants and secretaries but aren’t considered seriously for more creative/senior roles”.
Emily said: “It became a joke in the office with a very senior (sympathetic) male boss. When an editorial assistant was promoted after six months in a job to a position that could have been filled by a woman with more experience and equal talent, I’d ask why, genuinely wanting to know if he was super talented. He’d reply: ‘Because he has a dick.’”

“I’ve been asked specifically about whether I have or plan to have children (despite that question being illegal) in interviews and in work,” she said. “I already know I will lose respect, status and position if I go on maternity leave.”

In other news, water is wet, and we are all going to die eventually.
Tell me again how we live in a post-sexism society, how feminism is not only unnecessary but offensive, how feminists’ only raison d’etre is to emasculate (most often white) men, and all the rest of that crap.

I’ll be right over here, living in this pretty shitty reality.

~ * ~

Two pieces:

On writing, sexual harassment and being an example, on Book Riot.

The Price of Speaking Against Inequality, on Huffington Post

~ * ~

Because I’m fun like this: this is a link to a questionnaire to assess risk (generally for women, but really, anyone) of being immersed in an abusive/coercively controlling relationship. Those relationships, in case anyone wonders, are the ones that often devolve from control to mental/emotional abuse to physical abuse to, much too often, murder.

Overwhelmingly, these victims are women, either cis or trans. If you know anyone who fits this profile, or if you do, reach out. There are people out there willing to help you, for your own sake, or to help you help someone you care about.

~ * ~

Remember how I’ve talked about women’s pain–and most particularly, women of color’s pain–being dismissed? How doctors and nurses often smirk as they tell us to stop exaggerating, that it’s never as bad as we ‘pretend’ it is?

Well, a fifteen year old girl just died, in California, after doctors told her TWICE that her chest pain was ‘inflammation’ and that some painkillers and rest would do the trick.

Why bother with an Xray or any serious examination, after all? It’s a girl complaining of pain, how bad can it be?

How bad indeed.

Now she’s dead, her family has no answers, and are also struggling to pay for a funeral.

(If you feel moved to help them, there’s a link in the article)

~ * ~

A 12 girl is raped by a family member–and don’t come back with, ‘how do you know that?’ She’s 12, she CANNOT consent, it’s rape, end of discussion.

So she’s raped. She is impregnated by her rapist. She wants an abortion.

She does not have a good relationship with her mother, so she’s seeking a waiver to the parental consent requirement for abortion.

Keep in mind: she’s pregnant at 12 and not in a good home situation; no father, not a good relationship with her mother, and a family member–likely on her mother’s side–raped her repeatedly. If she carries to term, what will happen to that child?

Family court approves the waiver, and gives this pregnant child permission to have an abortion

Enter two ‘pro life’ attorneys who think she’s too young to make such a decision about her own body, and about the life of the fetus.

But she’s apparently not too young to carry that baby to term, and to have the responsibility of that baby for the next however many years.

And never mind that DAMAGE that a pregnancy at that age will do to her body, on top of the sexual and emotional abuse she’s already endured. Who cares about that, or about her?

It’s all about the all important fetus–and the right of men to make decisions about women’s lives and bodies.


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