18 Feb

(and totally a first world problem)

I wish more people who are happy with things–services or goods– would leave feedback.

At the day job, it’s not rare to get rant-y, scream-y, threatening emails from the higher ups because of anonymous negative feedback from customers (and also from ex-employees who really should know better). I try to leave work behind me the moment I clock out, but when I get acerbic text messages at 6:00 am from my boss on my day off because of such emails, it’s not easy to do.

Then there’s Etsy.

As a seller, particularly of handmade items, you are always on tenterhooks, hoping that whoever bought your items like what you made. Not because you hope to continue selling, but because you made it–you have a personal investment there.

So it’s discouraging when people buy your stuff and never even acknowledge receiving it, let alone let you know whether they liked it or not (17 sales, feedback received for 3 items only).

I supposed silence beats their leaving scathing negative feedback but still…

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