Smile, cry, ponder

3 Jul

Matt Harding has traveled around the world a few times now, bringing us joy by dancing with people all over the globe. Many of those people don’t speak the same language as Matt, but that never stopped them from joining in.

The latest video in the lovely Where the Hell is Matt? series is no exception:

I don’t think many people can watch these videos and not smile–and very few can avoid getting at least teary eyed.

Such is the power of people joined in music and dance and joy.

And I wonder, how many can not be sad that, despite the innocence of such things and music, dance and joy, there are places on Earth where participating in this video can bring violence to the people involved–and so, for their safety, the faces of the dancers in Syria must be blocked.

We are humans, capable of incredible generosity and profound cruelty. May the universe pity us.

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